Control Z Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

Netflix’s Mexican teen mystery drama ‘Control Z’ season 3 takes an even darker turn than previous seasons. Tormented by the vicious games of a mysterious hacker called @allyoursecrets, the students of the National School face increasingly dangerous obstacles. With all of them trying the protect their own secrets, the death of the school’s principal has everyone on edge.

The show, created by Miguel García Moreno, Adriana Pelus, and Carlos Quintanilla, premiered in May 2020 and was renewed for season 3 in August 2021. Known for its layered plots and subplots, the twisting mystery has held audiences intrigued for three seasons. Can we expect more? Here’s what we know about ‘Control Z’ season 4.

Control Z Season 4 Release Date

Control Z season 3 released on July 6, 2022, on Netflix. All 8 episodes, each with a runtime of about 40 minutes, were dropped simultaneously.

As far as a potential season 4 is concerned, fans of the show might be a little disappointed to learn that there might not be one. Netflix announced in a press release that season 3 would be the Mexican mystery drama’s final season and that the story would wind up therein. Given the potential twist at the end of season 3, which suggests that the main antagonist, @allyoursecrets, might still be at large, the fact that the show is over might seem odd.

However, upon closer consideration, it is clear that the show’s narrative is over. For one, the story is set in National School, and now that the students have graduated (the season 3 finale is set on graduation day), their lives are no longer interconnected. Since @allyoursecrets basically functioned by exploiting the interconnected lives of a group of students, it is unlikely the gimmick could continue now that the class has graduated. Additionally, with the students all coming clean to the police and serving time doing community service, the tension and mounting secrecy built up from season 1 is finally all released.

Even the twist in the season 3 finale, which hints that Raúl was the real antagonist despite being considered innocent, also points towards the story being completed. In the closing scenes, Javier theorizes that Raúl was behind all the ensuing chaos in order to get Sofía. In the end, Sofía does pick Raúl and is last seen with him. Therefore, even if he is secretly the antagonist, Raúl doesn’t need to continue his spree of blackmail since he has got what he wants.

Ultimately, the story of the fast-paced mystery drama appears to have been made with a planned ending. Seeing as how new seasons picked up exactly where previous ones left off and the general breakneck pace of the narrative, the show was seemingly meant to be short and intense. This conveniently matches the show’s genre as well as its central characters. Since the show hinges on a mystery, it had to inevitably be solved. Additionally, the fact that the show deals with a batch of high school students means that the story would likely end, or at least pivot sharply when they graduate.

Though fans would welcome another season or two of the show, it looks like this is curtains for ‘Control Z.’ There is always the chance of a spinoff, considering some of the mystery behind @allyoursecrets is still alive. However, the story has clearly reached a major conclusion at the end of season 3, marking the show’s close and making it highly unlikely that ‘Control Z’ season 4 will be made.

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