Will There be a Country Comfort Season 2?

Created by Caryn Lucas (‘The Nanny’), who also serves as the executive producer and showrunner on the project, ‘Country Comfort’ is a Netflix musical sitcom. It revolves around Bailey, a struggling country singer who is forced to accept a job as a nanny for the widower Beau and his five children after her bandmates replace her with a younger singer. In time, she develops a unique relationship with each of the children and helps them deal with the grief of losing their mother.

Following its premiere, the series received mostly positive reviews, with critics praising it for the performances of the main cast, music, and comedy elements. Its fans have already started wondering if there will be ‘Country Comfort’ season 2. Well, here is what we know about it.

Country Comfort Season 2 Release Date

‘Country Comfort’ season 1 premiered on March 19, 2021, on Netflix. The first season has ten episodes, with each episode being 20 to 25 minutes long.

As for season 2, neither Lucas nor any Netflix executive has made any official statement on the matter. However, certain cast members, including Eddie Cibrian (Beau), have expressed their hope that there might be more seasons in the future. As producers of wide-ranging television content, Netflix continues to spend a significant portion of its budget on the development and renewal of sitcoms.

Since ‘The Ranch,’ ‘One Day at a Time,’ and ‘Fuller House’ have all received multiple seasons, ‘Country Comfort’ will likely get renewed for at least one more season. Ultimately, the renewal of any TV show, sitcom or otherwise, almost exclusively depends on the audience response, and the feedback for ‘Country Comfort’ has been quite promising. If the show gets renewed in the next few months, expect ‘Country Comfort’ season 2 to come out sometime in late 2022.

Country Comfort Season 2: Who can be in it?

In the first season of ‘Country Comfort,’ Katharine McPhee Foster stars as the protagonist Bailey, Eddie Cibrian as her ruggedly handsome new employer Beau, Eric Balfour as Bailey’s former boyfriend and bandmate Boone, Janet Varney as Beau’s girlfriend Summer, Ricardo Hurtado as Beau’s oldest son Tuck, Jamie Martin Mann as Beau’s second son Brody, Griffin McIntyre as Beau’s youngest son Dylan, Shiloh Verrico as Beau’s oldest daughter Cassidy, and Pyper Braun as Beau’s youngest child Chloe. In season 2, all members of the main cast will likely reprise their roles.

Country Comfort Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the season 1 finale, Cassidy is afraid that Bailey will leave them for good if the latter wins the Rocky Jackson competition. However, her father urges her to support the woman who has helped them so much in recent months. Although Beau takes off his old wedding ring to show Summer how serious he is about their relationship. However, he puts it back on as he is yet to have that conversation with his children.

Just before their grand performance, Boone leaves Bailey after getting the opportunity to be part of the opening act for Keith Urban’s Australia Tour. In the final moments of the finale, a heartbroken Bailey decides that she will not be performing. However, she is convinced otherwise when she sees Beau’s five children are waiting for her on the stage.

In season 2, the winner of the competition might be revealed. Boone might come back from Australia and ask Bailey to forgive him again. Brody might start dating his childhood friend Jo, while Beau and Summer might get engaged.

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