Will There be a Country Ever After Season 2?

‘Country Ever After’ (previously titled ‘Country-Ish’) is Netflix’s heartwarming reality series that follows the lives of country musician and record producer Coffey Anderson and his hop-hop dancer wife Criscilla Crossland Anderson — who is battling cancer. The show sheds light on the opposing backgrounds of the couple as they navigate life while following different views.

Alongside their journey, we also get to meet the duo’s three kids. ‘Country Ever After’ is a sort of a sobering non-fiction series but it is also uplifting at the same time. After watching its first season, viewers felt a sense of satisfaction and completeness. Now they are wondering if they will get another iteration from the show. Let’s get started.

Country Ever After Season 2 Release Date:

‘Country Ever After’ Season 1 premiered on November 6, 2020 (rescheduled from September 25, 2020) on Netflix. The stars of this reality series already have a strong fan-following on social media. As a result, the first season was appreciated by viewers who got a chance to see their favorite couple on reality screens. Not only this, the journey of the family has plenty to inspire the audience with. Therefore, based on fan-demand alone, we are positive that this series will see another season. If it gets greenlit in the following months, we can expect ‘Country Ever After’ season 2 to release sometime in November 2021.

Country Ever After Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

The lead stars of ‘Country Ever After’ are the husband-wife duo, Coffey and Criscilla Anderson. While Coffey is a musician and record producer, Criscilla is a hip hop dancer. Coffey came into the limelight when he appeared as a contestant in ‘American Idol’ 2003. He has a strong following on YouTube and then progressed to partake in ‘Nashville Star’ 2008. He has released a total of nine albums, in both the country and Christian genres, to date.

On the other hand, Criscilla has danced with the likes of Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and Rihanna. The couple resides in Los Angeles. But Coffey is from Texas and has a true rural background. Criscilla is originally from Las Vegas and enjoys the big city life. Culture clashes are inevitable but the couple is bound together by love and a deep bond with their three children — son Ethan, nine; and daughters Emmarie, six; and Everleigh, three. Season 2 will definitely revolve around the Andersons as well.

What Can Country Ever After Season 2 be About?

This reality series is about a Black country singer, Coffey Anderson, married to a White hip hop dancer, Criscilla, and their differences in opinions as they navigate love and parenthood. The show also follows Criscilla Anderson who has been undergoing treatment for colon cancer since 2018. However, there is nothing dismal about the couple’s journey. It is more about how faith and support can help one overcome anything. Season 2 will embrace the same premise and continue to follow the Andersons as they achieve many more milestones, together!

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