When Does Crank Yankers S05 Return on Comedy Central?

‘Crank Yankers’, the popular prank-call show, is produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, and Daniel Kellison. It features actual crank calls made to unsuspecting people, re-enacted via puppets on-screen. The series originally aired on Comedy Central in 2002, after which it was picked up by MTV2 in 2007.

In February 2019, Jimmy Kimmel first made the announcement on his show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ about ‘Crank Yankers’ being revived for the fifth season and that it would return to Comedy Central. It was the first project on Kimmel’s new Kimmelot production imprint. The series is executive produced by Jonathan Kimmel, who also serves as the showrunner.

After season 5 premiered in September 2019, it went on a winter break after airing 10 episodes. Read on to know when Crank Yankers Season 5 Episode 11 will release on tv screens.

Crank Yankers Season 5 Episode 11 Release Date

‘Crank Yankers’ Season 5 premiered on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, at 10.30 pm, on Comedy Central right after the season 23 debut of ‘South Park’. The entire run of the fifth season comprises of 20 episodes.

After airing its 10th episode, the season went on a long hiatus of almost three months. Crank Yankers Season 5 Episode 11 is slated to release on March 17, 2020.

Crank Yankers Cast: Who is in it?

‘Crank Yankers’ features a cast of series regulars, who enact various characters to make prank calls. Jimmy Kimmel is Karl Malone, who always describes himself in the third person — his punchline being, “Don’t hang up on Karl Malone.” Wanda Sykes imitates Gladys Murphy, a lively woman of color, known for her embarrassing comments which are generally scatological or sexual in nature.

Niles Standish (Tony Barbieri) is the fictional British Earl of Yankerville, a wealthy, eccentric man in this middle-age, harboring homosexual and perverted tendencies. He is accompanied by his assistant, Cavendish. Special Ed (Jim Florentine) is the mentally challenged cousin of Bobby Fletcher. Dick Birchum (Adam Carolla) is a psychotic veteran from the Vietnam War. He loves carpentry, owns guns, plays Shotokan karate, and his favorite pastime is to spy on women.

Jimmy (also enacted by Jimmy Kimmel) lives with his mom and has two kids. Bobby Fletcher (Jim Florentine) is the drug-abusing, struggling, older cousin of Ed. Elmer Higgins (Jimmy Kimmel) is a forever-irritated old man, always making complaint calls and continuing to rant over irrelevant subjects. Helen Higgins (Susie Essman) is Elmer’s, long-term, pretty wife, who is old and yet has an inclination toward younger men.

Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld (David Alan Grier) is a rap-loving, former football player. Spoonie Luv (Tracy Morgan) is an African American, slick character, having a knack for hip-hop. He often makes lewd and suggestive comments. Hadassah Guberman (Sarah Silverman) is a young Jewish female, studying in college. She takes up multiple part-time jobs and as a result, makes calls to conduct surveys.

Terrence Catheter (Jimmy Kimmel) is Elmer Higgins’ grandson and a spokesperson for stars like Tom Cruise, Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle, J.K. Rowling, Mr. T, and the Olsen twins. He calls up business places and asks them to comply with the outrageous demands of celebs booked for making appearances. Tony Deloge (Bob Einstein) is a weird politician, dialing people to vote for him in his loud voice and ridiculous style.

Cammie Smith (Lisa Arch) is a 23-year-old nymphomaniac and a dancer. Boomer and the Nudge (Jimmy Kimmel and Patton Oswalt) are a pair of nasty radio disc jockeys. Junkyard Willie (Touch-Tone Terrorists) is a black man with a grave voice. Jim Bob the Handicapped Hillbilly (also imitated by Touch-Tone Terrorists) is a mentally challenged hillbilly.

Sav Macauley (Dane Cook) hosts a phone game show and is overly enthusiastic at all times. OCD Ken (Kevin Nealon) has obsessive-compulsive disorder and is obsessed with cleanliness and even numbers. Danny (David Alan Grier) is a nervous wreck, repeatedly vomiting on the phone.

Chip Douglas (Fred Armisen) plays a Mexican immigrant with weak English skills. Katie (Katie Kimmel) pretends to be a drunk 9-year-old attempting to order alcohol. Foreign Guy (Dane Cook) is another immigrant and makes calls asking assistance to purchase items. Gene Winterbuck (Dane Cook) is a paraplegic man, who calls libraries asking for books related to disabilities, in an offensive manner. Lou Vilman (Kevin Nealon) gets easily impressed by anything. Dick Rogers (Seth MacFarlane) regularly makes complaint calls about issues that make older people uncomfortable.

Season 5, just like its predecessors, features an impressive cast, including Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Kathy Griffin, Tiffany Haddish, Will Forte, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, Jimmy O. Yang, Lil Rel Howery, Aubrey Plaza, Abbi Jacobson, Demetri Martin, Bobby Moynihan, Kevin Nealon, Adam Carolla, Nikki Glaser, Paul Scheer, Arturo Castro, David Alan Grier, Natasha Leggero, Adam Pally, Thomas Lennon, Tony Barbieri, Derek Waters, Jeff Ross, and Iliza Shlesinger. Returning puppets include Tracy Morgan’s Spoonie Luv, Jimmy Kimmel’s Elmer Higgins, Sarah Silverman’s Hadassah Guberman, and more.

Crank Yankers Plot: What is it About?

With the advent of caller IDs and with people blocking suspicious, unknown calls, prank calling seems to have disappeared. But Comedy Central’s ‘Crank Yankers’ is hell-bent on reviving this relic from the past. The comedy series features comedians who make actual prank calls to people. These calls are then recreated with puppets and the real audio clips.

‘Crank Yankers’ season 5 does adopt a little different format as it’s not so easy to pull off prank calls nowadays. In order to fit with the digital era, the show does feature its staple fake calls, but these are accompanied by puppets tricking people on social media, e-sport platforms, and other communication forums.

Crank Yankers Trailer:

Below is the official trailer for season 5 of ‘Crank Yankers’. If you have not watched the show, head to Comedy Central and catch up on all its previously released episodes.

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