Will There be a Crazy Delicious Season 2?

Netflix’s ‘Crazy Delicious’ stands true to the streamer’s mission of introducing new, inventive twists in the food competition genre. The innovative format requires participating chefs to create morsels that are not only tasty but visually stunning. In fact, the show is set against a backdrop that reminds you of the ‘Garden of Eden’ where everything is edible. Even the judges are clad in white. Yes, the fantasy elements and the elaborate concept definitely ups the standards of reality tv by several notches. With such an ambitious premise, you might be wondering if the series will get another season. Well, here’s everything we know about it.

Crazy Delicious Season 2 Release Date:

‘Crazy Delicious’ season 1 premiered on June 24, 2020, on Netflix, in all its entirety of six episodes. Produced in collaboration with Channel 4, the first season aired in the UK from January 21, 2020, to February 25, 2020. As soon as its inaugural installment wrapped up with its finale, fans already started demanding a follow-up edition on social media. And we all know that food holds a universal appeal. Moreover, with the show’s freaky concept, season 2 seems extremely likely. Once Channel 4 and Netflix give their approval, we expect ‘Crazy Delicious’ season 2 to premiere sometime in 2021.

Crazy Delicious Season 2 Host & Judges

The ‘Food Gods’ aka the judges in season 1 are Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt, and Carla Hall. Blumenthal is a renowned name in Britain from the culinary world, who holds a record in breaking the norms when it comes to food. Ekstedt is a Swedish chef, who has amazing skills in cooking on an open fire and experimenting with weird cuisines. Hall, a native from Nashville, Tennessee, had co-hosted ‘The Chew’ and had appeared in ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Top Chef’. Jayde Adams serves as the host in each episode. All of the above-mentioned experts are expected to feature in season 2.

Alongside them, season 1 introduces us to 18 chefs and home cooks. They are Lara, Tony, Mark, Bethie, Tiff, Hardeep, Romy, Gabi, Elainea, Adam, Hannah, Chris, Han, Lynn, Harry, Samira, Lily, and J-B. Season 2 will feature a new roster of cooking enthusiasts, geared up to impress viewers with their insane culinary know-how.

What Can Crazy Delicious Season 2 be About?

Each episode of ‘Crazy Delicious’ starts off by introducing us to three contestants, who compete in three rounds. One participant is eliminated after round 2 and two finalists proceed to the final round. The one who wins gets the coveted golden apple. While certain tasks are ingredient-based, others demand the chefs to re-invent a classic dish like pizza or grilled cheese. The ground rules? The end result must be delicious and visually appealing.

Season 2 should embrace a similar concept but we hope the producers make more use of the lavish ‘Garden of Eden’-like setting. It is one of the prime aspects that sets the show apart from its counterparts. And it would be great if the creators decide to gamify some of the tasks — foraging for ingredients, for instance. With the incorporation of certain tweaks, this already-engaging, grand format can be made even more interesting.

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