Will There be a Criminal: UK Season 3?

‘Criminal: UK’, an extension of Netflix’s ‘Criminal’, is a British police procedural anthology series, created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith. It had originally premiered in September 2019 on the streamer. The dense, high-concept, and ambitious crime drama opened to rave reviews — thanks to its deep character analyses and consistent focus on its subjects (the featured suspects). Undoubtedly, ‘Criminal: UK’ was soon renewed for its second outing, which landed in September 2020. Now, this paves the way for the next question — will there be a third iteration as well? Let’s get started.

Criminal: UK Season 3 Release Date:

‘Criminal: UK’ season 2 premiered on September 16, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of four episodes. The entire series is set in a secluded room but does a fantastic job of exploring ambiguous grounds while diving deep into the issues related to law and morality. Giving us some painful messages about a flawed legal system, ‘Criminal: UK’ has secured its place on Netflix — and rightly so. We believe, owing to its eye-opening premise and revealing concept, the show has a long way to go. A third season should be announced soon and if that happens in the following months, we can expect ‘Criminal: UK’ season 3 to release sometime in September 2021.

Criminal: UK Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

‘Criminal: UK’ is an anthology series and each episode focusses on a different suspect. As a result, the cast keeps changing. For instance, in season 2, the list of accused individuals include Alex Daniels (Kit Harington), Julia Bryce (Sophie Okonedo), Danielle Dunne (Sharon Horgan), and Sandeep Singh (Kunal Nayyar).

Alex is a real estate agent who is brought in for interrogation after being accused of rape by one of his colleagues. Julia is a suspect, related to her husband’s case, who has been convicted of murder. Danielle, a vigilante, has apparently taken justice into her own hands and is questioned for taking down pedophiles. Finally, Sandeep is a convicted murderer who is already serving his time in prison. And his stint within the facility has turned him into a hardened individual. He appears for interrogation to help the authorities in cracking another case — with the hope of striking a deal.

In terms of the interrogators, the entire crew of cast members from season 1 makes a return in season 2. We have Katherine Kelly as Detective Inspector Natalie Hobbs, Lee Ingleby as Detective Inspector Tony Myerscough, Mark Stanley as Detective Constable Hugo Duffy, Rochenda Sandall as Detective Constable Vanessa Warren, and Shubham Saraf as Detective Constable Kyle Petit. In season 3, we do not expect many changes in the cast playing the central team of police officers. However, we will see a fresh batch of actors enacting the roles of the new suspects.

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