Will There be a Crossing Swords Season 2?

‘Crossing Swords’ is a stop-motion adult animated series that landed on Hulu. Created and written by the EPs of ‘Robot Chicken‘, John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, it is about a peasant with a good heart named Patrick. He is recruited as a squire at the royal castle. Packed with raunchy humor, random ideas, and a stellar voice cast, the first season of ‘Crossing Roads’ gives a twisted spin to medieval fantasy. And if you are wondering about its follow-up edition, we have you covered. Read on!

Crossing Swords Season 2 Release Date

‘Crossing Swords’ season 1 premiered on June 12, 2020, on Hulu, in all its entirety of 10 episodes. The comedy is a light, enjoyable watch, which derives its humor by mixing heavy ideas with humorous gimmicks. Of course, the Medieval setting is appealing on its own — there are several fantasy elements to keep you vested. Certain segments also draw inspiration from Greek mythology. And its cast is spectacular!

Since the storytelling is episodic and yet somehow connected to tell a central, underlying tale, it makes for a satisfactory first season. Moreover, the inaugural installment builds a world where many more adventures can take place in the future. Therefore, we are positive that the creators had conceptualized the series to span multiple seasons. It should receive its renewal in the coming months, with ‘Crossing Swords’ season 2 releasing sometime in early 2021.

Crossing Swords Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Nicholas Hoult voices the protagonist Patrick, a passionate ‘brightly colored peg person’ with strong ideals who wants to become an honorable knight. Luke Evans voices The King and Alanna Ubach voices The Queen. Joining the lead cast in other prominent voiceover roles are Maya Erskine, Yvette Nicole Brown, Seth Green, Tony Hale, Adam Pally, Adam Ray, Breckin Meyer, and Wendi McLendon-Covey. Season 2 is expected to see the entire main cast make their respective comebacks.

Crossing Swords Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

Patrick, a simple and honorable peasant, who has always dreamed of becoming a proud knight is elated when he is recruited as a squire for the King. But his hopes are shattered when reality strikes hard. He realizes that the royal castle is packed with corrupt officials who threaten to destroy everything he holds dear. Slowly, he finds himself getting alienated from the rest of his peers.

However, Patrick decides to not lose heart and keep going. He sticks to his dream of ascending to a knight and in his journey, he tackles several moral dilemmas. Slowly, he grows more authoritative and confident. In his quest, he also faces dragons, fairies, Medusa, Minotaur, Kraken, and giants. And slowly, the episodes reveal a dangerous plot for an upcoming assassination. Season 1 wraps up this particular storyline but leaves scope to explore Patrick’s world in greater detail — something we expect to be covered in season 2.

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