Cruel Summer Episode 6: What to Expect?

There are numerous teen mystery dramas currently on television or one of the OTT platforms. What sets a show like ‘Cruel Summer’ apart is its masterful execution of the genre’s common tropes. The show is about two young women, Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner, from the fictional town of Skylin, Texas. A year after mysteriously vanishing in 1993, Kate is rescued from the basement of Martin Harris, a family friend and vice-principal at her school. She discovers that the world seems to have moved on without her. Jeanette, the nerdy girl that she barely knew, has completely taken over her life. Kate subsequently appears on national television and accuses Jeanette of failing to report her kidnapping. In 1995, Jeanette sues Kate for defamation.

In episode 5, it’s the day of the annual County Fair. Jeanette goes on a date with Gideon, a shy and geeky boy from a neighboring town in 1993 but ditches him when Kate’s friends start to mock them. Kate tries to speak to Jamie about her mother’s infidelity, but he is too busy with his friends. She sees Martin running a carnival game booth. Martin tells her that the first time he saw her, he thought she was an adult.

In 1994, Jamie claims that Kate didn’t really see him kiss Jeanette, suggesting that it was part of her trauma. Jeanette tries to follow Kate and Mallory into a house of mirrors but loses them there. In 1995, Jamie admits to Kate that he was lying a year ago. Kate and Mallory later vandalize Martin’s grave. Meanwhile, Jeanette sings Karaoke with Angela. Here is what in store for the audience in the next episode.

Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

‘Cruel Summer’ season 1 episode 6 is set to release on May 18, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET or 7 p.m. PT on Freeform. The episodes air every Tuesday on the original network. In the UK, the show is slated to begin streaming on Amazon Prime at a later date.

Where to Stream Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 6 Online?

Viewers can stream ‘Cruel Summer’ season 1 episode 6 on Hulu with a premium subscription a day after it is aired on Freeform, on May 19, 2021. The episode will also be available on the Freeform website for free. Viewers need premium subscriptions to watch it on Sling TV and fuboTV. They can also catch the episode on DirecTV and YouTubeTV. Viewers also find the episode on AppleTV.

Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers

Episode 6, titled ‘An Ocean Inside Me,’ might predominantly focus on Jeanette. It will likely show how her relationship with her mother, Cindy, deteriorated. The Jeanette of 1993 continues to push the boundaries to see what she can get away with. She might get arrested for yet again trespassing into Martin’s property. Since the Turner family spoke to the police in 1994, Cindy has begun to suspect her daughter. This will further intensify when she finds out that her daughter has been lying about other things.

Cindy and Greg’s relationship is bound to suffer because of everything that is happening around them. In episode 5, Greg meets Angela for the first time in 1994. At the time, he is still with Cindy. It is quite possible that one of the main reasons that their marriage dissolved by 1995 was the growing closeness between Greg and Angela.

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