Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Episode 7 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

Image Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season 11 episode 6 features Seth Rogen as one of the guest stars in ‘Young Larry,’ as the show slowly finds its full entourage of cast members. However, Larry finds a way to sabotage the production yet again, and this time, it involves a tiny woman who drives a limo. We have laid out a full recap just in case you’re interested in reading more. Now, here’s what we know about season 11 episode 7!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season 11 episode 7 is scheduled for release on December 5, 2021, at 10:30 pm ET on HBO. The current season comprises ten episodes. As per the show’s release schedule, new episodes arrive every week on Sundays.

Where to Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Episode 7 Online?

The best way to watch the seventh episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season 11 is by tuning in to HBO at the aforementioned date and time. If you are looking for a cable-free option, you can watch it on HBO Max. The upcoming episode will also be available on DirecTVYouTube TVXfinity, and Spectrum. Hulu subscribers can watch the show by purchasing the HBO add-on. To use this viewing option, click here. Moreover, you can watch the previous installments on-demand on Amazon Prime VideoMicrosoft Store, iTunes, Google PlayYouTube, or Vudu.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Episode 7 Spoilers

In ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season 11 episode 7, titled ‘Irma Kostroski,’ Larry will decide that he doesn’t hate human beings but just individuals who piss him off. Larry will even find himself in a political fundraiser against his wishes. We can expect to see more of his eccentricity unfold in the upcoming episode. On the other hand, Larry and his roommate Leon will have intense discussions and debates over mindless topics. Larry’s friend Richard Lewis will complain about their problematic friendship. Here’s a promo for the upcoming episode if you want a better look at what’s to come!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 Episode 6 Recap

In episode 6 of the current season, titled ‘Man Fights Tiny Woman,’ the in-series production ‘Young Larry’ requires a guest star. The rest of the roles have more or less been assigned, and the production area is set up as well. To help out the crew, Seth Rogen shows up, and as soon as he meets Larry, they hit it off. However, Larry’s blunt demeanor ends up causing problems for him yet again. The first problem starts with Larry and Jeff hiring a limo service which arrives with a small woman, Miriam Clubok, as their chauffeur.

Since Larry’s car has gotten towed because of Freddy’s failure to remind him to move it, Larry is forced to use Miriam’s services for the most part of the episode. They eventually get into a tussle for the bags, and the entire scene is recorded and released online. The video comes to Rogen’s attention, and he immediately takes an exit from the show. On top of that, Larry’s house roof needs fixing, so Jonas, a heavy-set man, shows up to repair it, although it looks even more damaged after he is done. Seconds later, Jonas falls through it, leaving the roof with a gaping hole. Elsewhere, Larry and Freddy get into another petty argument, this time, about a bottle of Perrier.

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