Curse of Akakor Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘Curse of Akakor’, the documentary-style reality web series that airs on Facebook Watch, revolves around a team of six investigators, who embark on a quest — deep within the Amazon rainforest, to search for the lost city of Akakor. Along the way, they also narrate the experiences of explorers who had attempted the same mission but failed. With an option for the audience to express their opinions on the show’s official Facebook page, ‘Curse of Akakor’ is one of the path-breaking shows of recent times.

The first season of the show was well-received. Now, the question arises: will there be a ‘Curse of Akakor’ season 2? We will delve into that question, but first let’s quickly look into the details of the series.

Curse of Akakor Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of ‘Curse of Akakor’ comprises a team of six members, led by Irish investigative journalist Paul Connolly. He is joined by former FBI agent Bobby Chacon who holds a rich experience in the field, spanning a period 30 years. He has investigated some of America’s most high-profile crimes. Survival expert Megan Hine has previously worked with Bear Grylls and she has tackled some of the globe’s most extreme environments. Brennon Edwards is the technical expert while Dr. Karina Oliani is the wilderness doctor and Dr. Martin Pepper is a geologist and explorer.

Curse of Akakor Plot: What is it about?

‘Curse of Akakor’ attempts to explore the mysterious missing case of three explorers who vanished when searching for the lost city of gold, Akakor. They had each traveled separately and disappeared in the 1980s while also trying to solve the strange murder of a certain author, who had written a book about the city. Even after four decades, these incidents remain unsolved.

On this investigative documentary, a team of six experts seeks answers to the above puzzles and also invite viewers to share their theories on their official Facebook page. The expedition takes us to the depths of the Amazonian jungle to explore two cases — to find out if the lost twin cities of Akakor and Akahim exist and to understand what exactly happened to the three adventurers who had embarked on the same trail. Yes, everything seems like the plot of an ‘Indiana Jones’ flick, with the only exception that here the incidents are true.

As the episodes unravel, we learn if the theory of these lost treasure sites is actually real or if it is just a combination of myths, legends, and conspiracies. Packed with multiple twists and turns, it follows the crew as they navigate some of the most uninhabitable locations and toughest terrains within a span of eight weeks.

The journey begins in Peru and showcases how the team has to battle dangerous rapids during their first steps. In fact, after they arrive in Peru, they are given a list of “all the things that could kill” them, ranging from jaguars, tarantulas to snakes and piranhas. As the crew travels through impenetrable forests, their only mode of communication is via satellite phones — if at all there is a signal in the deepest, darkest, and remotest corners within the woods.

Paul Connolly is, of course, no stranger to danger. In his career, he has tackled cases, including sham marriages, drug trafficking, arms dealing, and benefit cheats. However, this time, this unchartered territory is much different than his scenes of crimes. He expressed his views about the show, saying, “Even when I made a prison show in the Philippines I was still within areas where I was in control of my own environment. I could either choose to put myself in a dangerous situation or I could opt out and avoid it.”

Curse of Akakor Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Curse of Akakor’ season 1 premiered on Facebook Watch on August 11, 2019. Its entire run for the first season comprised of 12 episodes. If you are a fan of real-life treasure-hunting expeditions, this is the perfect show for you. The series consists of short, bite-sized episodes that are perfect for the social media platform.

Now, as far as a next installment is concerned, Facebook has not come up with an official announcement yet. We are yet to know if the channel has canceled or renewed the show. Though, the way first season ends, it leaves plenty of room for the show to continue for another season. If renewed, you can expect ‘Curse of Akakor’ season 2 to release sometime in August, 2020.

Curse of Akakor Trailer:

Check out the season 1 trailer.

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