Curtis Snow Net Worth

How much is Curtis Snow worth? $300 Thousand

How did Curtis Snow earn his money and wealth?

Curtis Snow was born in 1982, In Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Curtis Snow is best known for the role he played of himself as an Atlanta thief and crack dealer in the debatable film, Snow On Tha Bluff. Curtis Snow is always in the news for the wrong reasons. He has worked in a few movies and shows and also written a book on himself.

Snow On Tha Bluff is a 2012 dramatic film which was directed by Damon Russell. It is the story of Curtis Snow, a robber, and crack dealer whose life revolves around robbery and drugs. It pushed the director Damon Russell to make a movie on Curtis Snow. The film’s title refers to the central character Curtis Snow and to The Bluff, Atlanta’s neighborhood, which is ill-famed for criminality and drug dealing. His performance brought him both attention and fame.

Before starting his acting career, he was a drug dealer and spent sporadic amounts of time behind bars in Atlanta. He had spent many days of his life in prison. Curtis snow has also written the book, My Name Is Curtis Snow and I’m a G. The book is about his life and experiences. He started writing the book when he was young, capturing his experiences in the city. He sees himself as an advocate and supporter for everyone who grew up in areas that were violent, poor, and desperately needed a hand and voice for support.

He also did the short documentary in 2014 called, Just Like You. This is a story of the loser. It is a story about 3 unique individuals from all walks of life, who together share one common mission – success in what they love. Each character portrayed by each person is a real person, and they are all their real names and play themselves in the movie. In this film, three men fight to overcome their own evils, in an inspiring tale. In 2015, he did a movie, Dirt on my Boots which was critically applauded all over the world. In the movie, The most corrupt police in Atlanta has to cope with the walls closing in on him.

Curtis is always in the news for his drug addiction habits and for his movie Snow On Tha Bluff. Director and producer of the Snow in Tha Bluff movie was recently arrested, after a three-hour stand-off with police in a poor neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Curtis snow locked himself in the women’s bathroom for three hours.

What are the most popular appearances of Curtis Snow?

  1.       Snow On Tha Bluff (2012)
  2.       Just Like You (2014)
  3.       Dirt on my Boots (2015)

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