When Will Cyberchase Return on PBS?

‘Cyberchase’ is an animated and educational children’s show that first premiered on January 21, 2002, on PBS Kids. The show is created by Sandra Sheppard and directed by Larry Jacobs and Jason Groh. The show follows three kids from Earth who enter Cyberspace. The Cyberspace is a digital Universe that is under a great threat by the villain called Hacker. The kids, along with the help of ‘cybrids’, save the world from Hacker by solving mental puzzles and basic math problems.

After 12 seasons of the show, fans are left wondering whether ‘Cyberchase’ Season 13 is being made. We delve into that, right after we share the show’s details.

Cyberchase Cast: Who is in it?

Matt, Jackie, and Inez are the three kids from Earth. They are voiced by Jacqueline Pillon, Novie Edwards, and Annick Obonsawin respectively. Matt is an 11-year-old Irish-American boy, Jackie is an 11-year-old Latin-American girl, and Inez is a 9-year-old Latin-American girl.

They all have their individual skills and qualities. Matt likes skateboards and is good with yo-yos, Jackie is a cleanliness-freak girl who likes things organized in order to think straight, and Inez is great with vocabulary and knows a lot of quotes.

Digit LeBoid, nicknamed Didge, is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. Digit is a cybrid that helps Matt, Jackie, and Inez in defeating Hacker. Digit was created by Hacker but after learning his evil intentions, he escaped him and started supporting Dr. Marbles and Motherboard. Motherboard is voiced by Kristina Nicoll and is the ruler of Cyberspace. Dr. Marbles is voiced by Richard Binsley and is the brilliant inventor who serves Motherboard and has also created Hacker.

Hacker is voiced by Christopher Lloyd and is the main antagonist of the show. He was initially created to serve Motherboard but he rebelled and was sent to an exile in Northern Frontier. There he created Delete and Buzz and found a way to inject a virus into Motherboard. Delete is voiced by Rob Tinkler and Buzz was voiced by Len Carlson and is now voiced by Phil Williams. They both are the assistants of The Hacker and semi-intelligent.

The recurring cast of the series includes names like Austin Di Iulio as Fluff, Sugar Lyn Beard as Creech, Scott McCord as Jules, and Tim Hamaguchi as Slider. Guest stars like Jasmine Guy, Tony Hawk, and Al Roker appear on the show from time to time as well.

Cyberchase Plot: What is it about?

Cyberspace is a digital universe that is run by its benevolent ruler ‘Motherboard’. The brilliant scientist and inventor Dr. Marbles serve Motherboard. He creates Hacker to serve Motherboard. But, as it turns out, Hacker decides to rebel and goes against Motherboard and Dr. Marbles.

Dr. Marbles is left with no choice but to punish Hacker. He drains Hacker’s power and sends him to exile in the Northern Frontier. The scorned Hacker then vows to take revenge and destroy Motherboard. His ultimate aim now is to rule the world. He finds a way to re-charge himself and creates a virus to weaken Motherboard. When Matt, Jackie, and Inez, accidentally interact with a library map, the virus gets induced in the Motherboard and weakens her remarkably.

Matt, Jackie, and Inez are then brought into the Cyberspace and are mentored by Motherboard herself. They become friends with the cybrid Digit, who helps them in their adventures. Digit was created by Hacker and worked for him initially. However, when he catches Hacker stealing the Encrypted Chip, he realizes Hacker’s evil intention and escapes from his trap. He starts serving Motherboard and helps the kids fight against Hacker and his evil assistants Buzz and Delete.

Cyberspace, just like our universe, contains different planets called ‘Cybersites’. Each Cybersite is based on individual themes like Ancient Egypt, the American Old West, Greek mythology, and amusement parks. The citizens of every Cybersite, or Cybercitizens, are different from the other Cybersite’s citizens. They all represent the different websites of today’s world along with different ecosystems and neighborhoods.

Cyberchase Season 13 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Cyberchase’ Season 12 premiered on November 23, 2019, on PBS Kids. The season is spread across 4 episodes and the last episode releases on February 15, 2020, where Hacker will meet an unexpected valentine. The season is really entertaining and educational for the kids as apart from the adventures, the show also features basic math equations and puzzles.

The show before its first premiere, released as a sneak peek in 2000 on WNET. After eight seasons, it went on hiatus from 2010 to 2013. The show has been renewing its season every 2 years. As there is no official announcement for the renewal of the show for its upcoming season, we can only guess that ‘Cyberchase’ Season 13 will release sometime around January 2021.

Cyberchase Trailer:

You can catch the trailer of Season 12 below, to get an idea of the show.

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