D.P. Season 3: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Netflix’s ‘D.P.’ is a South Korean military drama show created by Jun-hee Han that delves into the harmful and abusive aspects of the country’s military culture. The show follows protagonist Ahn Joon-ho and his senior officer Han Ho-yul, two “Deserter Pursuit” officers tasked with the responsibility of tracking down soldiers who desert the army before finishing their mandatory service. As the pair work on their cases, the harsh reality of the cyclic and abusive bullying in the army becomes more and more difficult to ignore, leading to drastic measures.

Given the show’s engaging exploration of the real-world issue, supported by entertaining characters, viewers must be curious to know if the story will continue with another season. If so, here is everything we know about the possibility of renewal for season 3. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will There Be a D.P. Season 3?

‘D.P.’ season 2 was released globally on Netflix on July 28, 2023, with six episodes ranging from around 40 to 60 minutes in runtime. The sophomore season has received mostly positive reviews, garnering praise for its thoughtful approach to the persistent issue of power abuse within the military. Considering the enthusiastic reception of the second season and the overall public investment in the characters and their storylines, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that a third season seems to be in the cards for the show.

Moreover, in a past interview, lead actor Jung Hae-in seemingly referenced his character’s involvement in a potential third season before the second installment was even out. As such, it’s possible that the primary cast and crew have already had conversations about another season, further strengthening the likelihood of the same.

Since season 2 ends on an optimistic yet bittersweet ending, there’s still a lot to unpack and explore within a third season. Although Park Bum-gu takes the fall for Joon-ho’s defiance, it’s still very likely that the latter, who has another year of service left, will face some repercussions for the stunt he pulled in the prior year. Toward the end, the legal system acknowledges the department’s negligence of abuse faced by soldiers. Still, the ruling isn’t enforced with an iron fist required to put a stop to the problem completely.

Therefore, a third season could explore Joon-ho facing his superiors’ contempt without any support from Bum-gu or Ho-yul to rely on. Ho-yul’s character and his departure from the military, and consequently, Joon-ho also proposes an interesting future for the show. Ho-yul has long since been a favorite among the fans, who appreciate him for his witty humor and cocky attitude. As such, should the character exit the show in a third season, some complications may arise within the fandom’s relationship with the show.

Regardless of its impact on the fanbase, Ho-yul’s discharge from the military will likely give way to a new partner for Joon-ho. The buddy-cop dynamic, born from Joon-ho and Ho-yul’s D.P. tracking missions, forms a significant center of the show. Due to the same, we can expect to see more of the same in future continuations, even if without Ho-yul’s involvement. However, given Ho-yul’s popularity among fans and in-universe significance, it’s always possible that he might return in doses or even take up a more permanent role as a decommissioned civilian.

Lastly, viewers can definitely expect a third season to further build upon the show’s army-critical narrative and depict several storylines presenting crucial relevance to real life. The show is also based on Kim Bo-tong’s popular webtoon comic, ‘D.P: Dog Days,’ which will serve as inspiration for the story’s continuation. Referencing the two-year time frame between season one and season two, a third season will likely come out sometime in mid to late 2025, should Netflix announce a renewal in the coming weeks.

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