Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off: Release Date and Host

With the internet getting flooded with home-made TikTok clips of dance enthusiasts performing to their favorite numbers, Lifetime decided to launch an entire show based on this very premise. Titled ‘Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off’, the virtual dance competition offers a much-required respite during this COVID-19-induced quarantine phase. Well, now that you have got a glimpse of the show’s concept, let’s take you through the release and format details of the contest.

Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off Season 1 Release Date

‘Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off’ season 1 will premiere on May 13, 2020, on Lifetime at 9 pm ET. It will consist of 12 episodes.

Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off Host

The virtual competition series is hosted by Abby Lee Miller, a famed choreographer and reality tv star, who has been a constant in ‘Dance Moms‘. She owns a dance studio called Abbe Lee Dance Studio. Abby was involved in a controversy after she was imprisoned for pleading guilty in bankruptcy fraud. Following her release, she was diagnosed with cancer that left her wheelchair-bound. However, the setbacks have not decreased her love for dance and she still continues to follow her passion.

What is Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off About?

‘Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off’ is a remotely-held dance competition series that invites dancing enthusiasts to submit clips showcasing their best moves. Each episode sees Abby judging the videos and offering her feedback. She also critics the submissions while giving suggestions for improvement. In the end, she picks the best contestant and crowns him/her as “The Abby Dancer”. She converses with the winner via Skype and makes the final reveal.

Lifetime has encouraged submissions from all over the country. The candidates need to be between 6 to 16 years and they must be approved by their parents. And the dance themes can be anything. As Lifetime describes, “a hip-hop routine in the kitchen or a ballet recital in the backyard — anything goes!” During the announcement of the show, Abby said: “I see everybody out there, dancing in their living rooms. Well, submit to ‘Abby’s Virtual Dance Off’ on Lifetime!”

Gena McCarthy, executive vice president, unscripted development and programming, Lifetime and head of programming for FYI, said in a statement: “More than ever, our audiences need those familiar faces they love, and with the explosion of people filming their dance moves to be shared, ‘Abby’s Virtual Dance Off’ provides us the opportunity to bring some of the most talented dancers to the forefront on television.”

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