Darwin’s Game E8: Where And When To Stream

‘Darwin’s Game’ might have a few similarities with ‘Sword Art Online‘ but it is still an entirely different anime. It’s not even close to being an Isekai and it is far more gory and intense. Without adding any unnecessary drama, ‘Darwin’s Game’ directly jumps into its action and anyone who loves fast-paced shounen anime should definitely check this one out. With that said, here are all the details that you need to know about the streaming availability and release date of its next episode.

Darwin’s Game Episode 8 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Animated by Studio Nexus, Season 1 of ‘Darwin’s Game’ premiered on January 4, 2020 and has aired a total of 6 episodes so far. The 8th episode of ‘Darwin’s Game,’ titled “Fragile,” is scheduled to release on February 28, 2020.

Where to Watch Darwin’s Game Episode 8 English Dub Online?

The English dub of ‘Darwin’s Game’ is available on Funimation and Wakanim.

Darwin’s Game Episode 7 Recap

An intense battle between Sig and Ichiro ensues and because of his pyrokinesis Sigil, he seems to be at a huge advantage. Ichiro hopes to somehow get rid of Sig’s gangsters, so he rushes upstairs to corner Sig. But before he can execute this plan, he gets ambushed by Keiichi. And since Keiichi is one of Wang’s strongest henchmen, Ichiro isn’t able to do much to him. When both Keiichi and Sig attack him together, he gets brutally injured. Using his last bit of strength, he deduces another spontaneous plan and takes both of them down with him. Meanwhile, after figuring out the meaning of the ring, Rein rushes to the station and learns that the Eights have already found the treasure. But as he had expected, they still don’t know much about the codes on the rings.

When Wang spots Rein, he threatens her to give him the code to the treasure but before he can harm her, her team arrives to rescue her. Shuka, Sui, and Ryuji start off a battle with Wang and his team and in the meantime, Kaname takes Rein to a safer place so that she can completely decode all the numbers on the diamond ring. Rein uses her intelligence to find the meaning of the numbers and that’s when it hits her that the code 185911 could possibly mean November 1859, which marks the publication of Charles Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species.”

Ryuji figures out that his attacks can only work on Wang’s clan from a very close range, so to protect himself, he tries to move further away from them. But that’s when Wang catches him off-guard and amputates his arm using one of his surprise attacks. Wang is finally able to win and he begins to torture Ryuji. That’s when Kaname gets there and proposes that he’ll hand him over a key that opens up the treasure if he will let all of his team members go. Ryuji realizes that he’s bluffing but Wang probably has no clue what Kaname is planning for him.