Dave Grohl Net Worth

How much is Dave Grohl worth? $280 Million

How did Dave Grohl earn his money and wealth?

Dave Grohl was born on 14th January 1969 in Ohio, U.S. He is a popular film director, record producer, singer, songwriter, musician, and drummer. He takes the credit for being a drummer for the music band, Nirvana, for the longest period of time. He is also the multi-talented founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, frontman, rhythm guitarist, primary songwriter of the band Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is also the co-founder of Them Crooked Vultures. For two other short Projects, Late! and Probot, he wrote the songs himself and recorded all the instruments. He has also been a frequent performer and traveler with the popular group, Queens of the Stone Age. Through the band Nirvana, Dave Grohl gained entry to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in his first year as a musician.

David Grohl was born as David Eric Grohl. He used to take guitar classes as a child. When he grew bored of the lessons, he began to learn by himself and began experimenting. During his high school, he began performing with the local bands. During the course of their sessions, he learned how to play the drums. He soon began playing the drums during the local band performances.

From 1986 to 1990, Dave Grohl was with the Scream band. He was only 17 but lied to them that he was 20 so that he could perform with them. He even dropped out of college so that he could focus his full attention on music and the band.

From 1990 to 1994, Dave Grohl was synonymous with the band, Nirvana. He was involved in a whirlwind of activity in this band. He traveled a lot, recorded a lot of demos and performed in many auditions on behalf of the band. He dabbled with songwriting a recorded a couple of songs on his own. His foray that started with guitar moved to drums and eventually to singing and writing songs. He even began producing and directing songs. He has truly come a long way in his musical journey. From 1994 until now, he is associated with Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl’s first wife was photographer Jennifer Youngblood. In 2003, he married current wife Jordyn Blum. They have three daughters. In 2012. Dave Grohl was estimated to be the third wealthiest drummer in the world. He is also considered as the most influential rock musician of the decade.

What are the highest selling music albums of Dave Grohl?

  1. Never Mind (1991)
  2. The Colour and The Shape (1997)
  3. There is Nothing Left To Lose (1999)
  4. No One Knows (2002)
  5. All My Life (2002)

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