Dave Season 3 Release Date, New Plot and Cast Details

Created by Dave Burd AKA Lil Dicky and Jeff Schaffer, ‘Dave’ originally released on March 4, 2020. FXX’s comedy series centers around the fictionalized version of the co-creator Dave Burd. The 20-something Dave is determined to become one of the best rappers of all time. In search of eminence, he steps into the world and ways of rap music with the help of GaTa, who becomes his on-stage hype man. What follows is a brilliant comedy that explores the struggles and breakthroughs in the life and career of the title character.

‘Dave’ has been praised for its narrative and self-awareness. Even though the critics are in two extremes regarding their expectations from the comedy, ‘Dave’ succeeds in offering a humorous and an earnest portrayal of a budding rapper who overcomes his instabilities to live his dream. Despite the moderate reception, the show has been able to garner an admirable fan base. As you are awaiting the news of a third installment, let us share with you everything we know!

Dave Season 3 Release Date

‘Dave’ season 2 premiered on June 16, 2021, on FXX, with the season concluding its run on August 11, 2021. The show’s second round comprises ten episodes with a runtime between 24–32 minutes each.

As far as the third season is concerned, here’s all that we’ve gathered. As of yet, FXX has not renewed ‘Dave’ for season 3. However, it is very likely that the show will be recommissioned considering the incredible viewership it has amassed. In April 2020, the show recorded an average of 4.8 million viewers per episode across all platforms, making it one of the pivotal shows for the network.

In an interview given to Deadline in August 2021, co-creator Dave Burd expressed his lukewarm reaction towards the idea of a new season. “I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not even done with this finale we’re talking about. I’ve been handing in every single episode of the season at the deadline, like four days before it’s on TV. I’ve totally lost my sense of self here. I’m over here, working at a rate that I’ve never even thought possible. So, season 3 is like the last thing on my mind right now,” he said.

But you would be happy to know that Dave still has plans to continue the series. “I feel like season 3, I’m creating the funniest season that anyone’s ever made of television. But that is so subject to change. That’s just where I’m at right now, mentally,” he revealed. Therefore, if the show is greenlit soon, we can expect ‘Dave’ season 3 to release sometime in Q4 2022.

Dave Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

If renewed, ‘Dave’ season 3 is expected to see the return of the principal cast. This includes Dave “Lil Dicky” Burd as a fictionalized version of himself and Davionte “GaTa” Ganter as himself. GaTa is Dave’s on-stage hype man who lives with bipolar disorder. We can also expect Taylor Misiak (Ally Wernick), Andrew Santino (Mike), Travis “Taco” Bennett (Elliot “Elz”), and Christine Ko (Emma) to return for the potential third season.

In addition, Gina Hecht (Carol Burd), David Paymer (Don Burd), and Benny Blanco (himself) are expected to reprise their roles upon the show’s renewal. The comedy series is particularly known for its fun guest appearances. In season 2, we’ve seen Kendall Jenner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, J Balvin, and Kevin Hart, among many others. So, we can expect such a lineup for the third season too.

Dave Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

The second season ends with Dave releasing an album of his own on the same day that Ariana Grande releases her surprise album. Dave’s album gets charted lower than it’s supposed to be, leading him to despair. Rather than leaving him to sulk, GaTa tries to awaken Dave to his real success – that his music is on the charts, and he has a performance at the VMA coming up. After both of them perform together at the VMA, they begin touring under the name “Dave.”

We can expect the third season to explore more of Dave and GaTa’s relationship. GaTa’s future ahead will surely get intertwined with Dave’s plans of a sophomore album. We may see Dave expanding his career to get closer to his dream in the third season, while GaTa may want to move forward in his own way. We may see a new direction for Dave and his ex-girlfriend Ally as she moves on with another person. But if things get serious for Ally, we are likely to see Dave’s reaction towards the situation.

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