When Will David Makes Man Return on OWN?

‘David Makes Man’ is a lyrical, coming-of-age drama that airs on OWN. It revolves around the titular, 14-year-old protagonist who is still coping up after the death of his dearest friend. He depends on his hardworking mother to help the family out of their impoverished state.

Created by Academy Award winner Tarell Alvin McCraney (‘Moonlight‘ and Netflix Original ‘High Flying Bird’), the first season of the show was well-received. Here’s everything we know about ‘David Makes Man’ season 2.

David Makes Man Cast: Who is in it?

‘David Makes Man’ stars Akili McDowell as David. With amazing observation skills and an instinct-driven attitude, David is a passionate teenager, who often adopts two different personas. McDowell’s previous acting credits include his performance in ‘The Astronaut Wives Club’.

Joining him is Alana Arenas (‘Hall of Passes’) as David’s industrious single mom Gloria. She was previously involved in drug dealings but now is primarily focused on ensuring the well-being of her kids.

Travis Coles (‘Liza on Demand’) plays Mx. Elijah. She was born a man but does not consider herself a ‘trans’ either. She believes that she is a mix of both. Phylicia Rashad (‘Creed II’) is Dr. Woods Trap, a nimble, lively, witty yet intimidating teacher, who is like a stern, motherly figure to David. She recognizes his potential and guides him through his trysts.

Nathaniel McIntyre (‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’) stars as Seren, David’s closest friend and a vulnerable teen, who trusts him by revealing a painful secret. Cayden Williams (‘Girls Trip‘) enacts the character of Jonathan ‘JG’ Greg, David’s younger brother. Although JG is a tough nut to crack in front of his peers, he seeks the guidance of his mom and elder sibling.

Ade Chike Torbert (‘East LosHigh’) is Raynan, a neighborhood drug dealer. Jordan Bolger (‘Peaky Blinders‘) is Shinobi, Raynan’s disciple and second-in-command. Joining the lead cast in other prominent roles are Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Elvis Nolasco, Gillian Williams, Juanita Jennings, LisaColon-Zayas, Lindsey Blackwell, Lela Rochon, and Nick Creegan.

All the main cast members have been confirmed to return for season 2.

David Makes Man Plot: What is it about?

‘David Makes Man’, since it is created by Tarell Alvin McCraney, is infused with a lot of elements from his masterpiece, ‘Moonlight‘. Exploring the theme of black vulnerability, this hour-long drama revolves around a 14-year-old genius named David.

He is still haunted by the death of his closest buddy and looks up to his hardworking mom to escape poverty. Between the streets where he grew up and the possibility of higher education, David needs to make a choice. And this is the central theme of the story.

This heartrending tale explores the depths of David’s life and chronicles the dreams and disappointments of a young, African American teenager. In doing so, it serves as a reflection of black men from poor and working-class backgrounds — living each day in anxiety and contemplating a future that is so uncertain.

Creator Tarell Alvin McCraney expressed his views about the series on a statement to Yahoo, “A black man enters any space and that’s all that people see, bringing with them their own biases and prejudices. But we are walking complexities, just like everybody else, and deserve to see those complexities shown in all their diversity.”

As the episodes unfold, we gain more insights into David’s persona. He has two different personalities, where he uses his imagination to escape reality and trauma. It is a difficult watch, witnessing a youngster passing through so many emotions. Packed with psychological and social observations, ‘David Makes Man’ is sensitive and compels viewers to empathize with the main character.

The finale appears to have resolved most of David’s issues and both he and The Ville seem to be in a good place. But David senses that something is not quite right. Again, the cliffhanger ending leaves us wondering about the fate of Seren, who finally manages to leave her abusive home. Writer Lucien Christian Adderley has confirmed that season 2 will continue to explore the lives of these characters as they evolve further.

David Makes Man Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘David Makes Man’ season 1 premiered on August 14, 2019, on OWN and came to an end on October 16, 2019.

The first season, expectedly, received a rapturous response from the critics. It holds a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating with a critical consensus that reads “reads, “Powerful, beautiful, and like nothing else on TV, David Makes Man blends dreamy aesthetics with an empathetically crafted story to create a truly unique viewing experience.”

Given the response and the story arc, which still isn’t complete, it did not come as a surprise when OWN renewed the show for another season.

OWN president Tina Perry confirmed the news in a statement, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, saying: “Tarell McCraney has brought us a gift with this series and masterfully added a beautiful new hue to our palette of dramatic storytelling on OWN. Viewers and television critics alike have embraced David Makes Man and connected to its powerful message. We are honored to partner with the incredible producers and cast as well as our friends at Warner Horizon Scripted Television on a second season.”

OWN has not announced a release date yet. But if things fall in place, ‘David Makes Man’ season 2 will most likely premiere sometime in August 2020.

David Makes Man Trailer:

While we wait for season 2, you can check out the season 1 trailer below. You can also head to OWN to watch the previous episodes.

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