Is There a Season 6 of DCI Banks or Has it Been Cancelled?

Small, quaint and sparsely-populated towns are often the settings of dark and grisly crimes. Add to the mix a detective who is either haunted by the demons of his past or is new to town and is still familiarising himself with the way things work in his new home. The audience has always responded well to such crime dramas, and the success of ‘DCI Banks’ can attest to that. The British TV show is based on a series of novels by Peter Robinson.

Set in Yorkshire, the show follows Inspector Alan Banks and his team as they solve dreadful crimes. It has had a total of five seasons till now. Now, will there be a DCI Banks season 6 or has it been cancelled?

DCI Banks Cast: Who’s in it?

The protagonist of ‘DCI Banks’ is Alan Banks. He is portrayed by Stephen Tompkinson. He is a seasoned actor who has worked extensively in films, TV shows and theatre. Some of his best-known works include ‘Chancer’, ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’, ‘Grafters’ and ‘Brassed Off’. Andrea Lowe plays the role of Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot. The English actress is known for her work in ‘Coronation Street’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘Agatha Christie’s Marple’ and ‘Murphy’s Law’. The role of Detective Inspector Helen Morton is played by Caroline Catz. She is known for playing Louisa Glasson in ‘Doc Martin’, apart from working in ‘The Vice’, ‘I Want My Wife Back’ and ‘Murder in Suburbia’.

Additional cast includes Jack Deam as DS Ken Blackstone, Lorraine Burroughs as DS Winsome Jackman, Danny Rahim as DC Tariq Lang, Samuel Anderson as DC Vince Grady, Tom Shaw as DC Kevin Templeton, Nick Sidi as DCS Ron McLaughlin, Colin Tierney as DCS Gerry Rydell and Shaun Dingwall as DCS Colin Anderson.

DCI Banks Plot: What’s it About?

Over the course of five seasons, ‘DCI Banks’ uses various novels from Peter Robinson’s book series. The first season begins with the adaptation of the book called ‘Aftermath’. It begins with a disturbance call. Two officers respond to it and in the tussle, one officer is killed. The other one succeeds in overpowering the killer, identified as Marcus Payne. DCI Banks is sent to investigate the crime scene and discovers that the police officers had stumbled upon something grislier than they imagined. Payne is a serial killer and a rapist. The search of his house bumps the body count to a higher number, and it is revealed that another open case might get solved if Payne reveals the location of the victim. The problem is that Payne has slipped into a coma.

Each six-episode season covers three cases, with every story unfolding over two parts. Along with the murder mysteries, the series also focuses on the personal relationships of the officers as well as the mental toll, and sometimes physical, that bearing witness to brutal crime scenes can have on them. In the fifth season, the series concludes with the death of one of the main characters and how others cope with the loss. The story comes to a proper end, leaving no cliff-hangers or loose threads.

DCI Banks Season 6 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘DCI Banks’ Season 5 premiered on ITV on August 31, 2016, and concluded on October 5, 2016. The series had enjoyed high rating right from its first season, which is owed to the wide broadcast of the show beyond Britain. It was both a critical success as well as a fan favourite. This is why it was a great shock for the fans when the broadcast channel declared that ‘DCI Banks’ would return for a fifth and a final season. They said, “After five series, ITV has taken the decision not to recommission DCI Banks. We’re grateful to the production team at Left Bank Pictures for creating the world of DCI Banks and the actors Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz for the commitment and dedication they’ve shown to their roles.”

The decision caused much uproar from the fans. Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment with ITV. Then there were others who were familiar with this trend in British series. As often happens in BBC shows, they don’t milk the stories for as long as possible. Some of the most popular shows have come to an end at the height of their popularity. Perhaps, the creators of ‘DCI Banks’ too wanted to end the series on a high note.

However, ardent fans are still hopeful. Even though it has been officially wrapped up, there is still hope for a revival or reboot, which has become a common thing these days. If a streaming service, like Netflix or Amazon, decides to tap into the potential of it, there could very easily be the sixth season. There are still a bunch of novels in the book series that weren’t used for the television adaptation, so there is no scarcity of the material. When we receive new information on ‘DCI Banks’ Season 6, we will update this section.

DCI Banks Trailer

All the episodes of ‘DCI Banks’ are available on Prime Video and Hulu. Have a look at the trailer of the final season here.

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