Review: Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 3

The first thing that has to be done after committing murder is getting rid of the body. That’s what we have learned from watching all these murder mysteries, right? It appears that Jen and Judy didn’t watch enough serial killer dramas to know that they couldn’t hide Steve in their freezer until the kids graduate. At that moment, they were too distressed to think straight. They needed to hide the body, so they threw it in the freezer. As the weight of guilt overpowers both of them, the need to give a burial- proper or not- to Steve becomes all the more important. It is either that or risking a ghost who likes to play with lights.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

With Steve’s body in the freezer, both Judy and Jen start to get restless, but none of them knows how to take care of it. The flickering lights in the room and the incessant whirring of the freezer are the least of their concerns. It turns out that rats have gathered under the freezer and will soon gnaw their way into it. This increases the urgency of shifting the corpse to some other place.

At the retirement home, a new resident has trouble settling in. In trying to calm her down, Judy befriends the old woman’s daughter, and they have a heart to heart over weed, where Judy realizes that she can’t be stuck on Steve forever. Meanwhile, Jen tries to find a way to get rid of the body without leaving any trail that could later be picked up by the FBI. The solution comes from a very unexpected place.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Steve was not exactly a likable person. After all that happened between him and Judy, it had become pretty clear that he was not the kind of person you would want to befriend. The way his arc had progressed in the first season, it didn’t come as a surprise when he died at the end of it. However, his relationship with Judy had run longer and deeper than the one that we witnessed. Jen is of the same view, which is why she finds it difficult to understand why Judy is thinking about his soul. Why is she anything but relieved of getting rid of him?

For Judy, however, this is just another messed up situation that happened because of her. She blames herself for Steve’s death, even if indirectly, which makes Jen guiltier about it. She will have to come clean about what actually happened that night and accept her responsibility for the whole thing. She can’t rely on Steve’s bad reputation to quiet her conscience and deal with the shame and fear harbored inside her heart. We also find her floundering desperately as she comes close to spilling out her secrets, but an expected twist of fate puts a stop to her actions.

After setting the stage well enough for the duo, the show turns back its focus on what constitutes the soul of the story. While a murder mystery looms around, the first and foremost focus of ‘Dead to Me’ has always been the friendship and the emotions surrounding it. You know what happened, you know what’s at stake, you can probably predict a couple of things too. But what keeps you around is the relationship between the central characters. You stay around for the tug of war they experience within themselves and for each other.

In ‘You Can’t Live Like This’, the show concentrates on thickening this part of the plot. The performances of the duo also give it the necessary depth. The show keeps us on edge about what’s next for the characters, but it also keeps us intimately involved with their feelings and their thought process. While we wonder what challenges will surface for them next, we are interested in the hurdles that they create for themselves.

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