When Does Dead to Me Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Dead to Me Season 2

Upon its release in 2019, Netflix’s black comedy ‘Dead to Me’ opened to favorable reviews from both the critics and the audiences. It revolves around a scornful widow Jen, who has recently lost her husband to a hit-and-run accident. She meets Judy, a free-spirited woman, at the support group, and the two women develop a friendship based on shared grief. But Judy is hiding a secret that can further complicate Jen’s life. Liz Feldman, best known for ‘2 Broke Girls,’ serves as the creator of the show.

Touted as the darker version of ‘Grace and Frankie,’ the dramedy was lauded for its gripping narrative, raw and caustic humor, unpredictable twists, the electrifying performances of the two leads, and also for portraying a perfect blend of grief and forgiveness with comedy. It was nominated for several accolades, including an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Therefore, Netflix quickly renewed the show for another season. In case you’re wondering about the release date and cast details of ‘Dead to Me’ season 2, read on.

Dead to Me Season 2 Release Date

‘Dead to Me’ season 2 is all set to release on May 8, 2020, at 3 am ET, on Netflix. It will consist of ten episodes with a runtime of 26–33 minutes each.

Dead to Me Cast: Who is in it?

Almost all the cast members from season 1 are set to reprise their roles in season 2.

Christina Applegate (‘Vacation’) will undoubtedly return to play Jen Harding, a grieving real estate agent who is hellbent on finding the hit-and-run driver responsible for her late husband Ted’s death. Linda Cardellini (‘Bloodline’) is re-joining the cast as Judy Hale, a cheerful woman Jen befriends at a grief support group. Max Jenkins (‘High Maintenance’) is all set to join Linda and Christina for another round as Jen’s business party and pal, Christopher Doyle.

Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler will return to play Jen’s sons Charlie and Henry Harding, respectively. Marsden will be reprising his role as Judy’s ex-fiance, Attorney Steve Wood. As the season 1 finale seals his fate, he will most likely feature in flashback scenes. Season 2 can also include Suzy Nakamura as Karen, Diana-Maria Riva as Ana Perez, Valerie Mahaffey as Lorna Harding, Keong Sim as Pastor Wayne, and Chelsea Spack as Heidi, among others.

The second season features some new additions to the cast. ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ fame Natalie Morales as the amicable and witty Michelle, who forms a bond with Judy at Assisted Living Facility. ‘Volcano’ star Michole Briana White joins the cast as Teri, while ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Jere Burns is all set to play Howard Hastings.

Dead to Me Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Dead to Me’ season 2.

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