Dear Child Season 2: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Netflix’s ‘Dear Child’ is a psychological thriller series based on author Romy Hausmann’s novel of the same name. Titled ‘Liebes Kind’ in its native German language, the series is directed by Isabel Kleefeld and Julian Pörksen. It follows Lena, a woman living in captivity until an accident lands her in a hospital. When Lena and her children interact with the outside world, disturbing and dark secrets about the family unravel, leading the investigators to an abduction cold case from thirteen years back. If you enjoyed the show’s twisted and sinister narrative, you must be hoping it gets renewed for a second season. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about the possibility of ‘Dear Child’ season 2!

Will Dear Child Season 2 Happen?

‘Dear Child’ season 1 was released on September 7, 2023, on Netflix. The first installment comprises six episodes with a running time of approximately 50 minutes each. All episodes of season 1 dropped on the streaming service on the same day. The series received generally favorable reviews from critics with praise for its performances and dense atmospheric thriller qualities. However, fans hoping for a second installment of the series will likely be disappointed to learn that Netflix has classified the title as a mini-series, diminishing its chances of getting renewed.

‘Dear Child’ is based on the eponymous novel by German author Romy Hausmann. The show’s first season adapts the book in its entirety. It revolves around a woman named Lena who escapes from captivity with her two children, leading to a falling criminal case connected to an abduction incident thirteen years ago. It is later revealed that the woman’s name is Jasmin, whom Lars Rogner forced to pose as Lena, a woman he had also kidnapped.

Ultimately, Jasmin kills Lars and moves on from the traumatic experiences while the children, Hannah and Jonathan, are also integrated into a normal lifestyle. Thus, the first season wraps up the overarching narrative and most of the important plot threads, leaving little to no room for the story to continue in a second installment. Furthermore, Hausmann’s original novel, which serves as the show’s source material, also does not have a sequel for the series to adapt in a potential second season. As a result, the possibility of a second installment materializing seems extremely low.

However, there is a tiny chance the show could get renewed for a new season if it exceeds Netflix’s viewership expectations. If the series manages to amass a large viewership across the globe and activate audiences, a second season could be greenlit despite Netflix marketing the first installment as a min-series. For a prospective second season, the makers could take an anthology approach by focusing on an entirely new case that is equally baffling, dark, and sinister as the first one.

After all, the series is a crime thriller with an investigative twist and added mystery and suspense. Thus, the makers could start afresh with a compelling new narrative to continue the series in an anthology format. As a result, none of the main cast members from the first season will likely reprise their roles for season 2 if it even materializes.

Ultimately, the chances of the series securing a renewal seem extremely low since the makers have yet to express an interest in continuing the story, and Netflix has marketed the first season as a limited series. Nonetheless, if everything works out and a second season materializes, production will likely take roughly 12-16 months. Hence, viewers can expect a prospective ‘Dear Child’ season 2 release in Q4 of 2024 at the earliest. However, considering the various factors mentioned above, we would not hold our hopes high for a second season coming to fruition.

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