Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

Demon Slayer‘ is simplicity at its best and that’s probably the reason why most anime fans admire it so much. While most anime shows these days are trying to somehow stand out by involving catchy storylines or not-so-typical characters, ‘Demon Slayer’ captures the very essence of shounen and brings in something that’s highly captivating.

Apart from its simplicity, the anime is a visual feast and the credit for that goes to Studio Ufotable. From its fluid fight scenes to its vibrant character designs, everything has been perfectly executed. Even the OSTs perfectly complement the visuals and have been created in such a way that they immaculately suit the Edo period setup of the series. According to many, ‘Demon Slayer’ is easily one of the best anime of Summer 2019 and it certainly does live up to its hype. Now the big question is, will it be able to retain its high standards in its sequels?

Demon Slayer Movie: Mugen Train Release Date: When will it premiere?

Studio Ufotable has confirmed that Demon Slayer movie will be release on October 16, 2020.

Demon Slayer English Dub:

The English dub of ‘Demon Slayer’ has not been released yet but it was recently announced that it will be available on Adult Swim soon. Till then, you can stream it on Funimation with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Demon Slayer Plot:

Young Tanjirou Kamado takes it upon himself to support his family after his father passes away. Though things are not the same, the Kamado family somehow manages to get by with the minimum wage that Tanjirou earns. One fine day, Tanjirou heads out to a nearby village to earn some money by selling charcoal. On his way back, the sun begins to set and he decides to seek shelter in a strange house in the middle of the woods. The owner of the house turns out to be a very mysterious man who warns Tanjirou about the merciless demons who lurk in the forest at night.

The next day, he heads back to his village and to his shock, he finds his entire family slaughtered by demons. Out of all the members of his family, the only survivor is his sister who has now become a demon herself. Infuriated by this, Tanjirou vows that he will avenge the death of his family and he will somehow make his sister a normal human again. He sets on a quest to become a stronger warrior and destroys every demon who crosses his path.

Demon Slayer Characters:

Tanjirou Kamado

Tanjirou Kamado is the main protagonist of the series who seeks revenge for the murder of his family. He later becomes a part of The Demon Slaying Corps. Along with his demonic sister and the other goofy members of the Corps, he sets out on a mission to destroy demons. Unfortunately for him, he has a big heart and he often empathizes with others. Because of this, he finds it really hard to even kill demons. He has a freakishly advanced sense of smell that allows him to notice every movement of his enemy. With his ability to smell, he can even track down people over long distances by smelling their emotions. Unlike the other members of the Demon Slaying Corps, he often thinks before he fights his enemies and tries to strategize all of his moves. After training really hard for a long time, he also gains superstrength that allows him to jump much higher than most normal humans.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko is Tanjirou’s younger sister who has been turned into a demon. Despite being a demon girl, she still appears to be cute and still manages to retain some of her childish traits. She still remains kind to the ones around her and is also extremely sensitive when it comes to anything mildly violent. She has long black hair and has a bamboo tied around her mouth at all times. The gag has been tied around her mouth to prevent her from craving human blood or flesh. She also shows immense self-control and willpower and tries to hold herself back from her demonic tendencies.

Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke is another member of the Demon Slaying Corps who accompanies Tanjirou during his journeys. He usually flaunts his chiseled upper body and wears a brown boar mask on his face. He is also quite short-tempered and when he loses his mind, he does not think about anything before lashing out on his enemies. More often than not, he does not even care if his enemy overpowers him and just gets into a battle without thinking twice. Unlike Tanjirou, he follows no strategies and has a very spontaneous style of fighting.

He often stays away from others and tries not to build any close connections. He spent his entire childhood in the isolation of the mountains and because of that, he has no friends at all. He talks less and even while hunting demons, he only cares about his own self-interest. He was raised by a bunch of boars and he has little to no understanding of human emotions. But as the story progresses further and he starts to spend more time with Tanjirou, he learns to appreciate the value of love and affection. Later on, he also starts to strategize his moves during battles and even learns to control his anger.

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