Denzel Washington To Star In New Crime Thriller, ‘Little Things’

Denzel Washington is set to appear in the new crime thriller by Warner Bros. titled ‘Little Things’. Variety first reported the news that the two-time Oscar winner was in talks to join this upcoming project. The script for the project has been written by John Lee Hancock and he might be stepping into the shoes of the director as well.

As far as the plot of the upcoming movie goes, Washington is set to appear in the film as a burned-out cop in the Kern County going by the name of Deke. Deke teams up with Baxter, who is a crack detective from the LA Sheriff’s Department in order to catch a serial killer. However, this partnership is likely to have its own complications as Deke has a knack for flouting all rules, despite having a tendency of ferreting out the ‘little things’ that could help solve such a crucial case. While this habit could pose a problem for Baxter, who is a no-nonsense guy, Deke has his own set of worries since he is haunted by a dark secret in his past. It stands to reason that the title of the film is a reference to Deke’s uncanny ability to find out the smallest details.

The plot of ‘Little Things’ and the role Washington has to play feels surprisingly like a return to ‘Training Day‘, the film that won him an Oscar. His co-star in the movie, Ethan Hawke, too was nominated for an Oscar. Anyhow, the plan for ‘Little Things’ is to pair Washington with another Hollywood A-lister actor. The project is already on a fast track at Warner Bros. so the only issue to be dealt with now is one of scheduling. While Warner Bros. would ideally love to start shooting this summer, most A-listers have their summer schedules booked so it will definitely be fascinating to see who the studio ultimately finalizes to be Washington’s partner in the movie. Notably, Washington had plans to step behind the camera as a director in an upcoming Sony drama titled ‘A Journal for Jordan’ that would star basketball legend Michael B. Jordan. However, one meeting with Hancock led Washington to reconsider his plans for his future project. Knowing that Washington is not an impulsive actor who rushes into things, it stands to logic that the script must have been excellent to manage to convince the veteran to postpone his return to the first directorial position since the 2016 film, ‘Fences‘.

Denzel Washington was last seen in ‘The Equalizer 2’ which was the sequel to ‘The Equalizer‘ that introduced audiences to Washington as a mysterious and skilled assassin who tries to lead a normal life but is forced back into action. The sequel made more than $100 million domestically at the box office. As for John Lee Hancock, he is a respected filmmaker with movies like ‘The Founder’ and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ to his name. His latest film is called ‘The Highwaymen‘ which stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson as two law enforcement officials on the trail of the notorious Bonnie and Clyde. The film has already premiered at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival and will be released by Netflix on March 29, 2019.

As for ‘Little Things’, Warner Bros. has not announced an official release date as of yet.