All Upcoming Dermot Mulroney Movies And TV Shows

Dermot Mulroney is an American actor, musician and voice actor. Perhaps you will recognize him from his roles in romantic comedies, westerns and drama movies. Born in Washington D.C., Mulroney comes from a somewhat artistic family since his mother happens to be a regional theater actress. Amongst Dermot’s many siblings, Kieran is the other one who went into showbusiness. He is an actor and screenwriter, known for his numerous television appearances.

In Dermot’s senior year of college, his life changed when he auditioned for an agent who asked him to relocate to Hollywood. Thus began his journey as an actor and he made his debut in ‘Sin of Innocence’. Dermot followed this up with several other dramas that deal with heavy subject matter. He also appeared extensively in Westerns around the same time. The actor has a penchant for picking various kinds of movies because many of his major roles have also been in romantic comedies, which include the likes of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ and ‘The Wedding Date’. Mulroney has not just made a name for himself in movies, but television as well, appearing in works like ‘Friends‘, ‘New Girl‘ and ‘Shameless‘.

Mulroney is an extremely accomplished and talented individual since he has achieved recognition as a cellist as well. However, you must be wondering about the roles that Dermot Mulroney has planned for himself in the future. We are here to tell you that as we bring all upcoming Dermot Mulroney movies and television shows. Hopefully, his upcoming performances will be as good as his recent ones.

9. Arrested Development (2003-)

Arrested Development‘ is an American sitcom that tells the story of the Bluths, a formerly wealthy but extremely dysfunctional family. When the patriarch of the family ends up being imprisoned, the level headed son, Michael Bluth, takes over the reins and tries to provide for them all, while holding the family unit together. However, his spoiled family makes his job all the more difficult since they are dysfunctional.

The show has aired five seasons, with Dermot Mulroney appearing in the latest season in the role of Dusty. The character is a lawyer who has taken up surfing. Dusty starts to develop an incredibly close relationship with Lucille, the Bluth family matriarch. This spells trouble for the two men who are very close to Lucille, that is, her son Buster, and George Sr., the estranged husband. Both of them are threatened by the arrival of the new character and as the season goes on, we see how Dusty is guileless but his relationship with Lucille is more than what meets the eye.

Mulroney has delivered an excellent performance in the show and there is no reason for him not to keep appearing in future seasons of ‘Arrested Development’.

8. Station 19 (2018-)

Station 19‘ is an action drama series that has been created by Shonda Rhimes as a spinoff to the critically acclaimed series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘. The show focuses on the lives of men and women in the firehouse station 19, which is in Seattle, Washington. We follow a group of heroic firefighters. Everyone on the team, from the captain to the new recruits, is ready to go above and beyond, in the line of duty. The incredibly brave men and women risk their lives and hearts in their line of work, and when they are off the clock.

Dermot Mulroney appears as a recurring character in Season 2 of the show. He plays the part of a character who happens to be back in town after an extended leave. This surprises all the people who have ever known him. The character is shown to be sharp-witted, extremely perceptive and very smart as well. He is someone who can charm his way into any situation while using the same charm to get out of tough spots. However, the man has not always been on the right side of the law, which has an effect on him, especially in the eyes of police officer Ryan Tanner, who happens to be his son.

Mulroney has already delivered a memorable performance and it remains to be seen if he becomes a permanent fixture Season 3 onwards.

7. The Righteous Gemstones (2019-)

The Righteous Gemstones‘ is an American comedy television series that has been created by Danny McBride. The show basically follows a famous but dysfunctional family of televangelists, who have a long tradition of greed and deviance mixed in with their charitable work. We see the televangelists and megachurch pastors being led by Eli Gemstone, the widowed patriarch.

Eli, along with his bickering children, Jesse, Kelvin, and Judy lead very opulent lifestyles that are funded by the money coming in from the congregation. Always ambitious, the family seeks to expand its network of megachurches, and in the process ends up making enemies out of the pastors of these churches. However, the expansion also results in the family reconnecting with “Baby” Billy Freeman, Eli’s estranged brother in law. The Gemstones family decides that he is perfect to lead their newest church. Meanwhile, the first season of the show has depicted the lifestyle of the Gemstones family threatening to mess with their image. There is a blackmail plot against Jesse, orchestrated by three masked figures who threaten to expose Jesse’s lecherous private life.

Dermot Mulroney appears in the role of Reverend John Wesley Seasons in the first season. He is one of the enemies the family makes in their quest for expansion. Mulroney has already delivered a memorable performance and will be looking to do the same in the upcoming season of the series, which has already been renewed.

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6. The Courier (2019)

‘The Courier’ is an upcoming action thriller that follows the adventures of a courier in London who discovers that one of the packages she is supposed to be delivering is actually a bomb. The British indie movie has a stellar cast that includes Olga Kurylenko appearing as the titular courier. Unfortunately for the working woman in the movie, her daily deliveries get interrupted when she stumbles upon the fact that her latest package happens to be a gas bomb that is intended to kill the only living witness who is about to testify against an extremely ruthless crime lord who will go to any extents to protect himself.

Gary Oldman appears in the role of the crime lord while Mulroney appears as the CIA director who is leading the investigation. Knowing the actor’s talents, he will manage to stand out despite the illustrious company and is sure to deliver a performance to be remembered. The movie is slated to be released on November 22, 2019.

5. That One Time (2020-)

‘That One Time’ is an upcoming drama series where Dermot Mulroney plays a part. Not much is known about the plot at this point and details of Mulroney’s role are also being kept under wraps for now. The series comes from Melanie Wagor and if Mulroney’s past appearances in television shows are anything to go by, the actor will definitely be looking to deliver a stellar performance in ‘That One Time’ as well.

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4. 2 Men & a Pig (TBA)

‘2 Men & a Pig’ is an upcoming comedy movie that follows the exploits of two boomer brothers who embark on a road trip along with Charlie, their ceramic pig. Inadvertently, they end up becoming criminals who are on the run from the law as well as their own past.

Dermot appears in the role of Rick, one of the brothers, while Jim Connor plays Michael, the other brother. Mulroney has extensive experience of having appeared in comedy movies, albeit romantic comedies, but he will surely be looking to tickle the funny bone with his performance in the upcoming movie.

3. The Chickasaw Rancher (TBA)

‘The Chickasaw Rancher’ is an upcoming historical movie that is inspired by the real-life story of Montford Johnson, the titular Chickasaw rancher. Johnson had to overcome a life of difficulties and hardships after having been orphaned at a very young age. However, he never gave up and ultimately went on to establish an enormous ranching empire along the Chisholm Trail, which is a famous cattle highway of the American West.

Dermot Mulroney is appearing in the movie and with his experience in dramas, we have no doubt that he will deliver a memorable performance.

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2. Hard Luck Love Song (TBA)

‘Hard Luck Love Song’ is an upcoming drama that is based on the Todd Snider song ‘Just Like Old Times’. The plot of the movie follows a troubadour who is down on his luck. He ends up finding himself at an existential crossroads, where he realizes that a lifetime of bad decisions has finally caught up to him. To make matters worse, his world is thrown in further disorder after he happens to meet an old flame.

Mulroney appears in the movie playing a meth head who has a dangerous side to him. It will be fascinating to see the actor play the part of a drug addict. However, with his experience, he is sure to do justice to the role.

1. The Gettysburg Address (TBA)

‘The Gettysburg Address’ is an unreleased American documentary that traces the influences of various works of literature, philosophical and religious tracts on Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. In order to tell the entire story of the legendary speech, the documentary delves deep into history, trying to discern the impact Lincoln’s speech has had on America and the world. It also shows how the Civil War affected Lincoln himself, which is reflected in the legendary Gettysburg Address.

Mulroney voices Andrew Curtin, who was the governor of Pennsylvania during the Civil War. However, the project has been in limbo for a long time and is probably not high on the actor’s list of priorities at the moment.

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