Will There be a Design At Your Door Season 2?

It’s common for homeowners to have an unused room that needs an overhaul. In fact, one might also want to revamp their entire house but s/he won’t be knowing where to start. Well, this is where HGTV’s groundbreaking series, ‘Design at Your Door’ jumps in to solve your dilemma. Expert professionals remotely coach desperate house-owners who seek to give a makeover to their run-down properties. Now that the series has completed its inaugural run, here’s all we know about its second outing.

Design at Your Door Season 2 Release Date:

‘Design at Your Door’ season 1 released on June 11, 2020, at 9 pm ET on HGTV, with back-to-back episodes. New episodes landed on HGTV Go at the same time as their tv premieres. It ended with its eighth episode on July 23, 2020. Its virtual format was conceptualized to adapt to the changing conditions in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Therefore, it is likely that the show was created as a one-off. But who says that remote filming is not possible even in regular circumstances? It is, in fact, a simpler, more economic option. So, if the first season meets HGTV’s expectations in terms of numbers, a second season is very much possible. If that happens, ‘Design at Your Door’ season 2 should premiere sometime in June 2021.

Design at Your Door Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

HGTV announced a casting call on its website, inviting families from all walks of life such as first responders and essential workers — who wish to get a custom design plan for their homes. They remotely get help from some of HGTV’s biggest stars to execute the process. However, all the accepted participants need to be geared up to do the work themselves. Some of the basic requirements include sound knowledge of technology, video conference software, recording equipment, etc.

Among the families showcased in season 1, we have a firefighter, an ER nurse, a cafeteria worker, and parents who are working from their homes while simultaneously managing their kids. The designers in the first season include David Bromstad, Tiffany Brooks, Tamara Day, Dave and Jenny Marrs, Maureen McCormick, Grace Mitchell, Eve Plumb, Orlando Soria, and Alison Victoria. Season 2 is expected to feature a fresh batch of families, aided by new and returning HGTV experts.

What Can Design at Your Door Season 2 be About?

‘Design at Your Door’ is HGTV’s cutting-edge series that throws the limelight on desperate homeowners who are seeking guidance in reinvigorating their tired properties. The self-shot show focuses on daring DIYers who are ready to be remotely coached by some of HGTV’s renowned home renovation experts.

The participants retrieve any tool that may have been lying around and start their work. This can be a sewing machine, paintbrushes, and woodworking tools. The featured family first receives a virtual consultation with the HGTV expert. S/he then gets a surprise package of customized design elements. Once they begin the project, the participants require to execute the process on their own while documenting their journey on HGTV-provided equipment.

Jane Latman, president, HGTV, explained the importance of the show in these quarantine times, saying in a press release: “We’re spending a lot of time at home and all around us are those ‘to-do’s’ that we can no longer ignore. The great news is that if you want help, HGTV is ready with trusted experts who can guide you from start to finish. Through technology, you can invite them into your home, show them your challenge, and we will send the solution to your front door.”

Some of the projects featured in season 1 include transforming a forgotten storage area into a playroom and renovating an extra space into a home office and media room. Of course, the show is extremely personal to the participating DIYers but we, as viewers, also get a glimpse of their challenges and can take a few tips from the experts who offer clever design ideas! Season 2 will stick close to this unique format while helping people, across the nation, in giving a new look to their properties.

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