Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Based on Marco Missiroli’s bestselling 2019 novel ‘Fedeltà, Netflix’s ‘Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire’ is an Italian drama TV series that revolves around Carlo and Margherita, a married couple in their 30s who are suddenly faced with the consequences of adultery. When Carlo is supposedly unfaithful to his wife, their marriage begins crumbling under the burden of the opposing desires and temptations. Margherita and Carlo then embark on a journey of self-introspection to realize that they are lying not just to each other but to themselves.

Upon its release, audiences loved the show’s intricate depiction of marital dynamics and the gripping performances of the cast members. Therefore, they must be curious to find out when it will return with a second installment. Without further delay, let’s share with you all the details about ‘Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire’ season 2!

Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire Season 2 Release Date

‘Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire’ season 1 premiered on February 14, 2022, on Netflix. It consists of six episodes of 38-45 minutes duration each.

As far as the second season is concerned, here’s what we know. The makers have not yet made any announcement about the show’s renewal or cancellation. However, given the positive reception of season 1 by both audience and critics alike, the possibility of at least one more season of the show is highly likely. Moreover, the somewhat open ending of the first season indicates that there are some elements of the narrative that can be explored further. Also, there are numerous other Italian drama TV series on Netflix, such as ‘Baby‘ and ‘Summertime,‘ that have returned with two or more seasons.

If ‘Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire’ follows suit, the potential second season can most likely be greenlit by Netflix in the coming months. How soon fans will get to enjoy it depends entirely upon the production schedules planned by the makers and the availability of the actors. If everything falls into place, ‘Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire’ season 2 can be expected to land sometime in Q4 2023.

Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

In case ‘Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire’ season 2 does materialize, Michele Riondino and Lucrezia Guidone will reprise their roles of the protagonists Carlo and Margherita. Apart from the leads, actors such as Leonardo Pazzagli (Andrea), Maria Paiato (Anna), Gianluca Gobbi (Luca), Maurizio Lastrico (Marco), and Sara Lazzaro (Giulia) can also be expected to return.

Other cast members who may come back include Sara Mondello as Silvia and Elisa Di Eusanio as Eva. Carolina Sala might not reprise her role of Sofia, as her character’s story arc has most likely been concluded. Moreover, new cast members can be expected to join as fresh characters to carry the show forward.

Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 1 revolves around Carlo, a copywriter cum university professor who leads a happy life with his wife Margherita, a realtor. Their otherwise mundane relationship gets turned upside down when Carlo confesses that he was seen with a student named Sofia in the university bathroom. This incident causes rumors of his unfaithfulness to float around, but he covers it up by stating that he was just helping her with a health crisis.

However, the idea of the possible betrayal soon begins to play with the minds of Margherita and Carlo. The former soon finds solace in her physiotherapist Andrea and they begin an affair. Meanwhile, Carlo too gives in to his desire for Sofia and begins seeing her secretly. The weight of Margherita and Carlo’s choices gradually begins to tear their marriage apart, and they go their separate ways.

The intriguing season finale ends with a leap of one year after Carlo and Margherita’s separation. While Carlo embraces his new career as a literary talent scout and looks forward to a job in Paris, Margherita decides to pursue her dream of being an architect and opens her own décor studio. When her mother, Anna, gets hospitalized, Margherita and Carlo meet again and realize they still have unresolved feelings for each other. Later, he visits her at the studio inauguration and tells her he misses her.

Margherita playfully hints that even though things didn’t work out for them before, they can still try to make amends. The potential season 2 may most likely pick up from where the inaugural season ends and expand upon Carlo’s efforts to win his wife back and reignite the spark between them. It will also be revealed whether this meeting with Margherita impacts his decision to move to Paris. Furthermore, it shall be interesting to see if they stay together or give in to their desires again with other people.

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