When Will ‘Diablero’ Come Back on Netflix?

While Netflix has no dearth of America-based English language horror/supernatural action shows, the streaming service broke into new grounds by airing its first Mexican horror/supernatural drama, ‘Diablero’. Based on a book by Mexican writer Francisco Haghenbeck called El Diablo me obligó (2011), which literally translates to “The Devil made me do it”, the first season of ‘Diablero’ hit viewers’ screens on December 21, 2018.

Within a couple of months of the release of Season 1, Netflix, on February 1, 2019, announced that it had renewed the show for its second season. The announcement was accompanied by a video featuring the main cast members, who said: “The world is still full of demons and someone has to stop them, that’s why Diablero will return for a second season.”

Star Giselle Kuri additionally tweeted about the second season followed up with a tease for the installment. Co-star Fatima Molina announced in her Twitter profile: “We’re back with the second season of Diablero”. Season 2 finally premiered in January 2020.

Now, with the second season done and dusted, fans are excited to know about the show’s return. Here’s everything we know about ‘Diablero’ season 3.

Diablero Cast: Who is in it?

In ‘Diablero’ Season 1, Christopher Von Uckermann plays the role of a fallen priest, Father Ramiro Ventura, who teams up with legendary demon hunter Heliodoro ‘Elvis’ Infante (played by Horacio Garcia Rojas) and superhero Nancy Gama (played by Giselle Kuri) in a bid to save humanity from becoming the casualty of a raging war between angels and demons.

Joining the trio in other lead roles are Fátima Molina as Enriqueta “Keta” Infante, Dolores Heredia as Mamá Chabela, Humberto Busto as Isaac ‘El Indio’, Mariana Botas as Thalia, Dulce Neri as Paulina, Flavio Medina as Cardinal Morelo, Gerardo Taracena as Benito Infante, Quetzalli Cortés as Wences, and Cassandra Iturralde as Mariana.

When season 3 is renewed, the main demon-killing protagonists, played by Christopher von Uckermann, Horacio García Rojas, and Giselle Kurall will of course return. Most of the primary cast is also expected to make comebacks in the next installment.

Diablero Plot: What is it about?

While ‘Diablero’ is loosely based on Haghenbeck’s novel, it does follow a story arc which, in quite a few ways, is similar to the long-running CW show, ‘Supernatural’. While ‘Supernatural’ follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester across America as they fight to save humanity from a war between angels and demons, ‘Diablero’ follows a similar format wherein the protagonist trio drive across Mexico trying to protect ordinary people from the raging war between angels and demons. In fact, these similarities are so striking, that one could even speculate that Netflix is trying to capture the same audience that has fawned over ‘Supernatural’ for over 300 episodes.

However, while ‘Supernatural’ initially focuses on monster hunting before turning biblical, ‘Diablero’ wastes no time in this sense – the Mexican show is steeped in religious iconography depicting a battle between good and evil from the very start. Yet, despite following the ‘Supernatural’ formula, it should be noted that ‘Diablero’ does stand out in a lot of ways, owing to its setting being Mexico, rather than America.

Season 2 introduces us to a set of new unsettling cases tackled by the lead protagonists. There’s this mystery of a door that cannot be closed and hence, a club owner seeks the help of Elvis. Again, Elvis, Keta, and Nancy, in another episode, reach to the depths of the underworld to rescue Ventura. When Mayaken begins showing disturbing powers, the crew faces yet another threat in the form of a monster who leaves his victims with black bones. While Death is on the lookout for Elvis, we learn that Mayaken had a weird childhood. When Mayaken is captured by the Conclave, Elvis and his team are forced to band together to bring him back before it is too late.

‘Diablero’ got mixed reviews, with audiences giving it a mediocre rating of 6.7/10 on IMDb. That said, one cannot expect monster hunting shows to receive critical acclaim, so it would be fair to say that ‘Diablero’ is doing well in its own right.

Season 3 will continue to chronicle the various adventures of the lead trio and their on-screen chemistry as they try to save humanity from demonic possession. And if monster-hunting action and pseudo biblical wars between angels and demons excite you, then ‘Diablero’ is definitely up your lane, and you should give the show a watch – it’s a refreshing break from the American setting of ‘Supernatural’.

Diablero Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Diablero’ season 2 premiered on January 31, 2020, on Netflix, in all its entirety of six episodes.

Netflix has not come up with an announcement for a new season yet. In fact, it is too early to predict anything right now. But we have seen foreign dramas on the streamer garnering its own fanbase over the years and extending over multiple seasons. Hence, we won’t be surprised if the series is renewed in the coming months.

If things go according to plan and Netflix follows its annual release pattern, we can expect ‘Diablero’ season 3 to release sometime in January 2021.

Diablero Trailer:

While there’s still some time before Netflix releases an update for Season 3 of ‘Diablero’, here is the Season 2 trailer to get you in the mood for some demon-hunting action, Mexican style. We will update this section with the trailer for Season 3 when Netflix releases it, as and when season 3 is in the works.

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