Dickinson Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

An edgy mix of historical facts and humorous fiction, ‘Dickinson’ is a comedy-drama that delves into the chaotic and inspirational experiences of Emily Dickinson, the 19th century New England poet. Following her misadventures with her poetry, family, and friends, the series uses a contemporary perspective to examine the challenges faced by the rebellious Emily in a war-ridden and deeply sexist society. Created by Alena Smith, the historical coming-of-age series blends together wacky humor, unapologetic feminism, and a fierce passion for art.

Season 3 of the show explores how the Civil War changes the mental and physical environment of Emily and her loved ones. Whilst Emily wishes to use her poetry to bring about personal and social change, her family members deal with their own internal conflicts. Austin and Sue’s marriage reaches a breaking point, whereas Edward faces loyalty issues. If you want your memory of season 3 episode 5 refreshed, you can head over to the recap section. Understandably, you must be quite excited to find out about the upcoming episode. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 6!

Dickinson Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date

‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 6 will premiere on November 26, 2021, at 12 am PT, on Apple TV+. The third season comprises 10 episodes with a runtime of 27-35 minutes each. New episodes will be released every Friday, with the season finale airing on December 24, 2021.

Where To Watch Dickinson Season 3 Episode 6 Online?

‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 6 will be available only on Apple TV+ at the above-mentioned date and time as the show is an Apple Original production. A subscription will be required in order to access this episode. Moreover, if you have an Apple TV+ subscription, you can even download old and new episodes of ‘Dickinson’ to watch offline on your Apple devices and/or smart TVs.

Dickinson Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers

‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 6 is titled ‘A little Madness in the Spring.’ According to the official synopsis, the Dickinsons will visit a local lunatic asylum for a fun family outing. Undoubtedly, chaos can be expected at the asylum. On the other hand, Henry will help the Black Union soldiers with a uniform inspection, which they need to pass in order to be an authorized regiment. We will probably see more of Henry’s attempts to better the situation of the soldiers and get them the weapons that they so desperately need.

Additionally, Emily might try to mend things with Sue whilst continuing her correspondence with Higginson. Vinnie, sticking passionately to her streak of absurd behaviors for the fallen soldiers, is likely to come across more harrowing news about her ex-lovers. Additionally, the episode might examine the turbulent dynamic between Austin and Sue, as the former intends to divorce the latter.

Dickinson Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Dickinson season 3 episode 5, titled ‘Sang from the Heart, Sire,’ shows us Higginson’s reply to Emily’s letter. Emily is ecstatic that the abolitionist considers her poetry to be “wholly new and original.” Later, the Dickinsons visit the Quilting Bazaar; however, things turn sour when the townsfolk call Edward a traitor for his open letter to the editor that asks citizens to listen to the stories of both the Union and Confederate supporters. Ithamar asks Edward, who has a Confederate brother in Georgia, to choose a side.

Wanting to make her father happy on his birthday, Emily organizes an old-fashioned family sing-along. However, Vinnie has taken a vow of silence to honor the fallen troops. On the other hand, Henry convinces the soldiers of the importance of reading and writing by highlighting the need to understand the history of their Black brethren. Meanwhile, the Dickinsons have a wonderful time singing songs and reconnecting with each other. However, Austin shows up and declares that he is starting his own law firm, divorcing Sue, and planning on taking full custody of his son. Later, Sue finds Emily’s letter to Higginson and feels betrayed by the fact that she sent him the very same poem that she gave her.

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