Dickinson Season 3 Finale Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

Poet, daughter, sister, lover, and a rebellious American — these various facets of Emily Dickinson, esteemed poet, are explored in Alena Smith’s ‘Dickinson.’ Chock-full of wacky humor, feminist ideals, and subversive concepts, the show tries to change the perception that Emily was an asocial, introverted and constantly melancholic individual. Set in the 19th Century, the comedy-drama takes historical facts and embellishes them with a contemporary twist.

Season 3 of the show is rife with personal and social challenges for the Dickinsons. We see Emily trying to figure out the true purpose of her poetry, struggling due to her situation with Sue, and also tackling the hostility between Austin and her father. Meanwhile, Henry goes to war and takes up the task of educating the Black soldiers in the Union army. Understandably, fans are itching to find out about Emily’s fate in the season finale. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 10.

Dickinson Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 10 — the finale — will premiere on December 24, 2021, at 12 am PT, on Apple TV+. The third season comprises 10 episodes with a runtime of 27-35 minutes each. Season 3 is the final installment of the series, so don’t miss out on the finale!

Where To Watch Dickinson Season 3 Episode 10 Online?

Since the show is an Apple Original production, ‘Dickinson’ season 3 episode 10 will exclusively be available on Apple TV+ at the date and time mentioned above. Keep in mind that you will need a subscription to access the episode. Additionally, you can use your Apple TV+ subscription to download episodes new and old of ‘Dickinson’ to watch offline on your Apple devices and/or smart TVs.

Dickinson Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers

Season 3 episode 10, or the finale, is titled ‘This was a Poet’ and will likely see Thomas Wentworth Higginson traveling to Amherst to meet Emily, the poet who kept him inspired and gave him hope during the war. Thus, we might see the Dickinsons getting excited about a reputable army officer showing up at their doorstep. On the other hand, it is possible that Sue and Austin will finally reveal the name of their son. We will also find out whether Austin and his father will reconcile.

Another focal point of the finale might be Emily and Sue’s relationship, and how the two women will plan their futures. Plus, we expect to find out whether Henry gets in touch with Betty after months of radio silence. Additionally, Emily will ask Betty to design a dress for her — probably one that suits her needs and persona as a poet.

Dickinson Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Season 3 episode 9 is titled ‘Grief Is a Mouse’ and sees Ithamar Conkey verbally attacking Edward; he accuses Edward of being a “Whig coward” when he refuses to join the Massachusetts Republican Party. Later, Emily meets Vinnie and Austin and talks about how old-fashioned and regressive their father is. Clearly, Emily is now on Austin’s side and understands why he wanted to secede from the family. The two spinster sisters make Austin promise that he’ll let them live a free and independent life once their father passes away and he becomes their legal guardian.

Afterward, Emily goes to meet her mother, who has been in bed for a week. When a little mouse enters the room, Emily’s mother believes it is her sister, the late Lavinia, since it was her favorite animal. Emily encourages her mother to talk to the mouse and finally get closure. Elsewhere, Higginson, who has plans to meet Emily, takes a sabbatical and makes Henry the sergeant in his stead. Back in Amherst, Austin and his friends throw a farewell party for George, who has been drafted into the army. There, Sue, who had anonymously mailed her best friend’s work to a newspaper, asks Emily to read out loud the poem of hers which got published in the Drum Beat. The two later spend the night together.

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