Did Carmela Zumbado’s Anna Avalos Leave Chicago PD?

The ninth season of NBC’s police procedural series ‘Chicago P.D.’ depicts the fatherly bond Henry “Hank” Voight shares with Anna Avalos, an undercover informant working for him to bring down the drug cartel named “Los Temidos.” She starts to work at a bakery that is run by Javier Escano, one of the drug dealers Hank tries to capture. Despite the dangers associated with the mission, Anna tries her best to fulfill her job, which paves the way for unfortunate consequences.

In the ninth season finale, Anna’s fate gets rewritten, alarming the admirers of the resilient character. Since the character doesn’t feature in the tenth season premiere episode, we have tried to find out whether Carmela Zumbado left the show. Here’s what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Anna Avalos?

Since Anna’s family had a connection with “Los Temidos,” Hank realizes that she will be a perfect fit for the undercover job. She starts to work at Javier Escano’s shop, which is a front for his drug trafficking affairs. When Javier starts to realize that he is being tracked by the authorities, Anna starts to worry about her and her son Rafa’s lives. Hank ensures that there isn’t anything for her to worry about since he arranges witness protection for her but Anna’s concerns only grow. She escapes from the protection and eventually kills Javier so that he will not come looking for her and Rafa when he discovers the truth about her.

After killing Javier, Anna and Rafa try to escape, only for Hank to follow her. Anna gets into a car accident and Hank arrives at the place, only for her to point a gun at him. Hank tries to calm her down but her intricate mental state doesn’t listen to him. When a police siren scares her, she fires her gun at Hank, only for Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton to fire at her. Hank still tries to save her but she dies. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering whether Anna’s death had opened a gateway for Carmela Zumbado to leave the show. Well, let’s find out.

Did Carmela Zumbado Leave Chicago P.D.?

Even though Anna is dead, neither NBC nor Carmela Zumbado formally announced the departure of the actress from ‘Chicago P.D.’ Irrespective of the character’s death, Zumbado can still feature in the show in flashback scenes, especially since Hank is yet to get over Anna’s death. In an interview given in September 2022, showrunner Gwen Sigan revealed that Hank will fight with the guilt of not saving her throughout the tenth season. Thus, we may see Anna again in Hank’s dreams, visions, or in flashback scenes. In the first episode of the tenth season, Hank repeatedly thinks about Anna, which is an indication of how the character is still a part of the show.

“He’s [Hank] really feeling a lot of guilt in this first episode to the point where he’s really bleeding from it. He wishes he would have done things differently. We will certainly see it continue throughout the season,” Sigan explained to Deadline. Considering Sigan’s words, we cannot rule out Zumbado’s appearance in the show most likely in flashback scenes.

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