Did Charles Malik Whitfield’s Ben Leave Chicago Med?

Maggie Lockwood confronts and overcomes several challenges in NBC’s medical series ‘Chicago Med.’ When she gets diagnosed with cancer, she undergoes chemotherapy and meets Ben Campbell, who is also getting treated for the same disease. They eventually get together and marry. The couple also adopts Auggie Roberts as their foster son. The eighth season of the show follows Grant Young’s increased presence in the life of Maggie. Since Grant is her daughter Vanessa Taylor’s biological father, Maggie fails to limit his presence in her life, infuriating Ben. The ninth episode of the season depicts a confrontation between Maggie and Ben, alarming the viewers concerning the future of the latter in the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Ben?

The eighth season of the show sees Grant Young forming a strong bond with his daughter Vanessa. He also occasionally expresses his wish to spend more time with Maggie and they even reminisce about the time they were together. When Grant comes to meet Maggie at Gaffney, Ben encounters him. He becomes infuriated that his wife’s ex-boyfriend is still a significant presence in her life. Maggie somehow manages to deal with Ben. After the incident, Grant surprises Maggie by meeting her with a car he used to drive when he used to be with Maggie. They both drive around in the car, only to get into an accident.

Grant gets injured due to the accident. In the ninth episode of the season, Grant is brought to Gaffney since his wound gets opened and bleeds severely. While Maggie deals with Grant, Ben arrives at the hospital to drop cupcakes for the party his wife has planned for Ethan Choi to celebrate his marital union with April. From a doctor, Ben learns about the accident and deduces that Grant had been with Maggie. He suspects that Maggie is still involved with her ex-boyfriend. Upon meeting Maggie, Ben reveals that he needs some time apart from her since their relationship has been rocky for a while.

Since Ben is separating from Maggie, for the time being, Charles Malik Whitfield’s commitment to the show must be a cause for concern. So, is Whitfield leaving the medical drama? Let’s find out!

Is Charles Malik Whitfield Leaving Chicago Med?

As of now, neither NBC nor Charles Malik Whitfield has formally announced the departure of the actor from ‘Chicago Med.’ However, Ben’s decision to separate from Maggie, for the time being, indicates that the character most likely will not be involved in the narrative of the show for a while. Ben’s absence in Maggie’s life may even set the stage for her companionship with Grant, especially since their relationship has been getting stronger ever since Grant’s re-entry into Maggie’s life. If the writers of the show want to focus on Maggie and Grant’s storyline for the rest of the season, Whitfield’s Ben may not be a part of the show anymore.

Having said that, Ben hasn’t completely broken up with Maggie, which indicates that their separation can be temporary. If that’s the case, even if Whitfield departs from the show, we may see him returning to the medical drama in the future. Maggie hasn’t yet started to think about a life without Ben and their foster son. Even when Grant expresses his wish to reunite with Maggie, the latter makes it clear that she cannot be with the former because of Ben. Thus, Ben may return to Maggie’s life after a break. Whitfield’s potential departure, possibly temporary, can be due to his other commitments. The actor is part of the cast of upcoming projects such as ‘Night Games,’ ‘The Bastard Sons,’ ‘Beacon Hill,’ and ‘The Patrolman.’

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