Did Frances Turner’s Lyn and Andre Blake’s Claude Leave New Amsterdam?

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The fourth season of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ depicts several astounding developments that happen in the life of Dr. Floyd Reynolds. Floyd decides to be in a polygamous relationship with Dr. Linda “Lyn” Malvo which also involves her husband Claude Baptiste. Lyn’s pregnancy and the revelation that the baby’s father is Floyd further affects Floyd’s life severely. However, the decisions Lyn and Claude make keep them away from Floyd and New York City. Since the fifth season premiere doesn’t feature Lyn and Claude, the viewers must be concerned about Frances Turner and Andre Blake’s commitment to the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Lyn and Claude?

When Dr. Veronica Fuentes becomes the new medical director of New Amsterdam, Claude gets forced to leave the hospital. While Lyn suffers from her complicated pregnancy, Claude tries to find a job in New York City as he attends several job interviews but fails to find any appropriate offer. Ultimately, a hospital in Denver, Colorado, offers Claude the position of Chief Surgeon. The surgeon, who has even served as New Amsterdam’s Head of Cardiac Surgery, accepts the offer and starts to prepare for moving to Denver. Claude’s decision to move troubles Lyn since the father of her baby cannot join them.

Image Credit: Will Hart/NBC

In the fifth season premiere, Reynolds reveals to Dr. Lauren Bloom that Lyn and Claude are away, indicating that they have both moved to Denver. Lyn also gives birth to their child. Since Lyn and Claude are away from Reynolds and New York City, the viewers must be concerned about seeing them again in the show. So, did Frances Turner and Andre Blake leave the medical drama? Let’s find out.

Did Frances Turner and Andre Blake Leave New Amsterdam?

As of yet, neither Frances Turner nor Andre Blake announced their supposed departure from ‘New Amsterdam,’ indicating that we may haven’t seen the last of Lyn and Claude yet in the show. In addition, NBC hasn’t also released any statement regarding Turner and Blake’s exit, which also shows that they are likely a part of the cast of the fifth season. When asked about what to expect from Reynolds’ storyline, Jocko Sims revealed that Lyn is not out of his life. “I would hope that he finds a good balance with his kid and Dr. Malvo, who is the mother of his child—if that is such the case, right?” Sims told NBC Insider.

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Sims’ words indicate that we may see more of Reynolds and Lyn in the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, which makes it clear that Turner likely hadn’t departed from the show. We may see Reynolds trying to lessen the pain of physical separation since he is not able to be with his child and Lyn. He may travel to Denver occasionally to meet them so that he will not have to miss them severely. Lyn and their child may meet Reynolds in New York City as well. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Turner most likely will continue featuring in ‘New Amsterdam.’

As far as Blake’s future in the show is concerned, we may see Claude accompanying Lyn and her child if they travel to New York City to meet Reynolds. Claude and Reynolds have always tried to have each other’s back despite the challenges they have to face being in a polyamorous relationship. We may continue to see the same in the upcoming episodes of the show, especially since Claude has to fill Reynolds’ shoes as a father to the latter’s child.

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