Did Minka Kelly’s Dove Leave Titans?

Image Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

Portrayed by Minka Kelly, Dawn Granger or Dove is one of the most important characters in HBO Max’s ‘Titans.’ Introduced in season 1, she becomes one of the main characters in season 2. Dawn is originally from London. As a child, she suffered abuse at the hands of her father. She later broke his arm and decided to move to Washington, D.C. Her mother, Marie, was killed in the same accident that also took the life of  Hank Hall’s brother, Don. Dawn and Hank subsequently started to bond over their shared sense of grief. She later discovers that Hank and Don were the crime-fighting duo Hawk and Dove, eventually taking up the latter mantle.

In 2014, Dawn becomes a member of the Titans along with Hawk, Dick, Donna, and Aqualad. After Aqualad’s death, they go their separate ways. Years later, Dawn and Hawk reunite with Dick when the latter shows up at their door with Raven. If the events of season 3 have made you wonder whether Minka Kelly left in ‘Titans,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Dove?

In season 3 of ‘Titans,’ the eponymous crime-fighting group takes on one of the most notorious criminals in Gotham — Jonathan Crane or the Scarecrow. Moreover, they also face one of the former team members. Jason Todd, the second Robin after Dick, is killed by the Joker. Crane has him submerged in the secret Lazarus Pit underneath Arkham Asylum. After Jason is resurrected, Crane uses a modified version of anti-fear gas on him, turning him into a brutal vigilante known as the Red Hood.

Image Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max

In season 3 episode 3, Jason places an explosive device on Hank’s chest, with the latter’s heartbeats linked to the device’s detonation switch. He then tells the Titans to steal the gold bars that are slated to be delivered to a bank. To save her boyfriend’s life, Dawn steals the bars, even though Dick and the other Titans make other plans. When she goes to meet Jason to deliver the bars, he gives her a gun and convinces her to shoot Hank with it. The gun turns out to be the trigger for the device. It explodes, killing Hank. In the following episode a grief-stricken Dawn quits the Titans and leaves for Paris. That is the last time the audience sees her on screen.

Did Minka Kelly Leave Titans?

In the season 3 finale, Donna Troy tells Dick that she is heading to Paris to meet Dawn and deliver a message from Hank, whom she saw in the afterlife. While Hank’s story seems complete with him reuniting with Don, the same can’t be said about Dawn. Her life is marred with grief and guilt, and she has left her days of being a vigilante behind. Perhaps, whatever message Hank has sent her will help her find peace. If that happens, she can definitely rejoin the Titans one day. Kelly clearly enjoys playing her character.

“I was drawn to the characters by just how flawed they are,” the actress told New York Post, before adding, “Hawk and Dove, in particular, are just these normal, broken people. They’re very co-dependent, and I’m familiar with a co-dependent relationship. I’ve been there. So I have this deep empathy for Dove. I think she would really rather be in the suburbs with her man. But, in true co-dependent fashion, she puts him first.”

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