Dino Hunters: Everything We Know

‘Dino Hunters’ is an interesting docu-series that follows the quests of a bunch of ranchers, as they search for prehistoric dinosaur fossils, in America’s western badlands. After traveling across the treacherous terrains and draining out their resources, these men need to ensure that they collect enough for payday. The high-stakes show is all set to drop on Discovery and here’s everything to know about it before its grand tv premiere.

Dino Hunters Season 1 Release Date:

‘Dino Hunters’ season 1 premieres on June 19, 2020, at 9 pm ET on Discovery. You can also watch the show by downloading the Discovery GO app.

Dino Hunters Cast: Who is in it?

Clayton Phipps (Montana), who was born in a cattle ranch, discovered his first dinosaur fossil in 2003 on his own land. Three years later, he found out that the specimens were of the ‘Dueling Dinosaurs’. Phipps is well-acquainted with the fossil-rich badlands that date back to 65 million years. In his quest for the next major discovery, the rancher is accompanied by his 12-year-old son, Luke, and a small team of fossil experts.

Cowboy and businessman, Mike Harris is from Wyoming and he uncovered the first triceratops horn on his pastureland around two decades back. In 2011, he discovered a T-Rex, and now, he is on the hunt for another big specimen that will secure him the required cash to maintain his ranch. Jake Harris is Mike’s son and he teams up with his dad in doing what he does best – fossil digging.

Aaron Bolan from Wyoming previously handled heavy machinery and then studied to become a homicide detective. But he always loved scouting for fossils in his Uncle John’s Wyoming ranch. Five years ago, he moved to the ranch, and today, he wants to reach his goals of finding a unique and historic dinosaur specimen. Jared Hudson (South Dakota) has been in the fossil business from the age of 16. A few years back, he even located a T-Rex, and currently, he is determined to find another great fossil.

What is Dino Hunters About?

‘Dino Hunters’ follows the aforementioned group of ranchers and cowboys as they roam the badlands of Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas in order to uncover dinosaur bones that can be worth a fortune. They are on a quest to make a discovery that can fetch them millions and help in sustaining their livelihood. However, these men need to excavate the finds before the harsh winter sets in. Else, the fossils may erode and their expected payday will turn to dust. Some of the possible specimens that the teams can uncover this season are T-Rexes, Triceratops, and the Nanotyrannosaur.

‘Dino Hunters’ additionally uses a combination of technologies such as 3D modeling and Computer-Generated Imagery to generate X-ray visualizations of fossils and the dinosaurs. The images give us an idea of how these giants looked like, how they moved, and lend insights into important physical characteristics of the prehistoric species.

Dino Hunters Trailer

You can check out a sneak peek from the show below:

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