12 Best Disney Movies on Hulu Right Now

Disney movies come in various shape and sizes. While you may associate them with just animated films — because of their rich history — the truth is that they have also made several wonderful live action feature films too. But there’s one undeniable qualities about all Disney movies: they are about goodness in humanity. Rarely, if ever, you will find a dark Disney film. Of course, it also goes without saying that there is an inherent filmmaking philosophy that the production house follows and that is to make entertaining family films. Lately, they are trying to be more adventurous and eclectic in their choices, but you are not going to see a dark serial killer film from Disney anytime soon.

With that in mind, I set out to find the best Disney movies that are available on Hulu. With the emergence of online streaming services, nowadays, people prefer watching movies sitting in the comforts of their home. Netflix, of course, has the lion share of eyeballs, but Hulu is not far behind. So, if you are planning to watch a Disney movie, in the comforts of your bed, this list is especially for you. We have all kind of Disney movies on this list: from live action to animation; from romantic to sad. Again, here’s the list of top Disney movies on Hulu.

12. Air Bud (1997)

What do kids love more than a golden retriever? A golden retriever playing basketball might be the answer. Yes, that about sums the movie up for you. I am a sucker for dog centered movies. So, doesn’t matter if it’s a kid movie or not I will watch it if there’s a dog in the lead or even in supporting. Josh Framm is a 12-year-old kid. After the unfortunate death of his father, Josh moves to a new town called Fernfield. Josh feels out-of-place in this new environment and is shy and thus is unable to join the school’s basketball team. Josh likes playing basketball and practices alone in an abandoned court. It is here he first meets Buddy. Buddy is a golden retriever who has run away from his owner. They quickly become friends and Josh finds out that Buddy is talented at playing basketball. He is really good. Josh eventually starts playing in the school team and he and Buddy become the attraction of the half-time. However, to capitalize on Buddy’s fame the dog’s cruel owner comes to take the dog. Will Buddy and Josh be separated?

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14. Sister Act (1992)

‘Sister Act’ is one funny movie. I loved its plot and characters especially the lead character of Deloris. Deloris Wilson is the protagonist of the movie ‘Sister Act’. She is a lounge singer and performs under the stage name of Deloris Van Cartier. Deloris is a colorful woman who is energetic, showy and smart. She is currently working as a singer in her boyfriend Vince LaRocca’s club. Vince is married and is asked by Deloris to divorce his wife. When he doesn’t she decides to break up with him. Deloris then witnesses a murder being committed by Vince. She goes to police and is put under a witness protection programme in St. Katherine, a Catholic parish. Her secret is kept hidden with only Mother Superior knowing it. With the arrival of Deloris who now goes as Sister Mary, the church brightens up. When Deloris is asked to join the choir she turns it into this hip sort of group which becomes quite popular with the young generation. But how long will Deloris be able to hide before her boyfriend gets to her?

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10. The Mighty Ducks (1992)

The basic structure of ‘The Mighty Ducks’ is a common one. You will see this in lots of inspirational kid movies. Hell, even many mainstream movies are created based on this structure. The main protagonist of the movie is Gordon Bombay (which sounds hilarious to us Indians). He is a lawyer and has been successful in his job. But he is still haunted by his childhood memories from the time when he was in a hockey team which was really successful. Gordon was the star player of his team and had a lot of support and fame. Obviously, this meant that he had lots of responsibilities too. During the final match of his team, Gordon was tasked with scoring the winning goal which he fails to secure. This made him lose the approval of his coach. Now, after a drunk driving incident, Gordon has been tasked with coaching a kids hockey team. the team is really bad and Gordon is reluctant at first but then he gains the respect of the kids and teaches them how to win at the game.

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9. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino star in the funny movie ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’. Mira plays the role of Romy White while Lisa portrays the character of Michele Weinberger. The movie portrays these two as stereotypical blondes. Romy and Michele have been friends in high school and now stay together. Romy has a job as a cashier but Michele is still unemployed. Michele thinks that they have better lives now than they had in their hometown. They were quite unpopular in their high school and were subjects of many jokes. Michele is still unaware of this fact. Romy had an admirer named Sandy in high school. Sandy was a geek and another girl named Heather had a crush on him. This made Romy Heather’s rival. Romy runs into Heather one day who still hasn’t changed much. She gets to know that there’s going to be a high school reunion. Romy and Michele start preparing for the reunion. They want to look and sound perfect. Thus, they start preparing their perfect backstories for the occasion. But, will becoming something they are not, sit well with their friendship?

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8. Con Air (1997)

Well, up next is the Nicholas Cage starrer movie ‘Con Air’. The film also has some other good actors like Steve Buscemi, Dave Chappelle, and John Cusack. The movie is really entertaining and it’s great to watch Cage trying to save the day. Nicholas Cage plays the role of Cameron Poe who is a decorated US Army Ranger. He has returned to his home in Alabama to meet his wife Tricia. Tricia works at a bar. Upon reaching there Cameron gets into an unfortunate situation involving few drunk men. He gets into a fight with them and by mistake ends up killing one of them. This lands him in prison for seven years. Cameron is later eligible for parole and decides to go home to his wife and daughter and everything becomes fine and they live happily ever after. I am just kidding. The plane he is put on is filled with dangerous criminals who take control over the plane. Now, it’s up to Cameron to save the day. He is helped by US Marshal Vincent Larkin played by John Cusack.

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7. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is one of the best Christmas movies that I have watched recently. It is a unique take on Christmas. The plot is entertaining and the characters are great and funny. It is a great movie both for adults and kids. The movie is set in a town known as Halloween Town for good reasons. Every, year on Halloween the monster residents (I am not being insensitive they are literally monsters) of the town come out and perform a good scare. Jack Skellington is the pumpkin king of the town. He is bored with the idea of doing the same thing over and over again without any innovation. After Halloween night he along with his dog Zero wanders off in the forest. He then discovers that in a clearing of trees lies a number of doors representing various holidays. The Christmas door attracts Jack and upon venturing into it he discovers the Christmas town. He is fascinated by what he sees and decides to celebrate Christmas in his town. But things might not go as planned.

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6. Hercules (1997)

Disney makes really good animated movies. ‘Hercules’ is one such movie. I enjoyed the movie a lot. I love watching films based on Greek Mythology. It is very interesting to see how the creators make these characters their own. The protagonist of the movie is obviously Hercules. He is the son of Zeus but the evil Hades turn Hercules into a demi-god i.e. a half-god and half-mortal. This was done by Hades because he wanted to defeat Zeus and become the king of the gods. Hercules retains his superhuman strength though. He is raised on Earth by humans. Hercules later learns the truth about his divine heritage and superhuman abilities. Zeus tells him that to return to Mount Olympus he needs to become a true hero. Thus, Hercules embarks on a journey to become a hero and is helped by his companions Pegasus and Phil the satyr. He does many courageous and heroic acts on his journey like slaying monsters and even goes on to defeat Hades. But what makes him a true hero is something different than just defeating monsters.

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5. Lilo and Stitch (2002)

This movie is a great memory for many of my generation. It is a great movie which plays with kids imagination. Stitch is a wonderful character which is very popular with kids. Dr. Jumba Jookiba has created a powerful, indestructible being. This was illegal and the scientist is caught and sent to prison. The being is ordered to be transferred to a prison asteroid but it escapes and goes to Earth with the help of a stolen police cruiser. The authorities follow the being. It turns out that it had landed in Hawaii. The being is not of much harm here since it has only one weakness and that is water and Hawaii is surrounded by water. The being ends up being in the care of a young girl named Lilo much to the surprise of Dr. Jookiba and Earth expert Pleakley. Lilo gives the creature and name, Stitch. Lilo lives with her sister and the family quickly befriends Stitch who forms an emotional connection with the family. The being is now virtually unrecognizable by Jookiba who thinks whether it will be okay to take the being back. But failure would mean punishment.

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4. Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Nicholas Cage is back on this list with the movie ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’. This movie was one of the coolest movies I had seen Nicholas Cage in and man, Angelina Jolie is hot in this movie. Nic plays the role of a legendary car thief Memphis Raines. He decided to retire in 1994. His influence in the game can be understood by the numbers. When he retired the crime of auto-theft went down by 47%. After he left his brother Kip Raines decided to take over the job. During one of the jobs, Kip screws up and is now threatened by a car broker. Kip asks Memphis to help him. Now, Memphis has to return back to his criminal life after six long years if he wants to save his brother. He is given an almost impossible task of stealing 50 exotic cars in one night. But if anyone can pull it off he is Memphis. He reassembles his old team back and along with Kip gets ready to pull off the biggest heist of his career. He also has to watch out for the LAPD GRAB who are on the lookout for Memphis and his team. Will Memphis make the impossible possible?

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3. Mulan (1998)

‘Mulan’ is a beautiful, animated movie. It is based on a Chinese folklore. I heard that they are remaking the film. I hope that it is as good as the original. ‘Mulan’ tells the story of a girl named Mulan. When the Huns invade China it is time for the men of the country to defend their land. This requires that one man from every family joins the army. But Mulan knows that her dad isn’t capable of such a thing and if he goes it would mean certain death. So, Mulan decides to go instead of her dad. But it is not allowed for women to join the army so Mulan disguises herself as a man. The elders get to know this and send a disgraced dragon named Mushu to dissuade the girl. After understanding that the girl’s determination is strong Mushu decides to help her in her quest.

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2. Pocahontas (1995)

‘Pocahontas’ is one of the popular movies made by Disney. The movie tells the tale of a young American Indian Woman named Pocahontas and her romantic relationship with an Englishman named John Smith. Captain John Smith along with his group of soldiers land on an island whose inhabitants are American Indians. Governor Ratcliffe thinks that the Indians have gold and wants to steal the riches. Pocahontas’ father is the powerful chief Powhatan who dislikes the pale people and dissuades the relationship between his daughter and the Englishman. Will John and Pocahontas be able to stop the war and save their love?

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1. Up (2009)

This is a wonderful movie. It proves that when Disney and Pixar come together they can do great things. The protagonist of the movie is Carl Fredricksen. Since his childhood, he had a dream of exploring South America and discovering the place known as the Forbidden Paradise. More than six decades later he is close to realizing his dream as he lifts his house up using thousands of balloons and goes on a journey along with a boy scout named Russel. The journey is really fun and entertaining but wait there seems to be someone evil who might create problems for our adventurers.

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