DJ Paul Net Worth

How much is DJ Paul worth? $15 Million

How did DJ Paul earn his money and wealth?

DJ Paul, real name Paul Duane Beauregard, was born on 12 January 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee, US. He is the half-brother of the late rapper Lord Infamous. DJ Paul has a deformed right arm which he called the “Baby Arm.”  DJ Paul was engaged to Majda Baltic. The two met each other at the Salt Lake City airport. However, they got separated and are no longer engaged. DJ Paul is not only an American rapper but is also a record producer, entrepreneur, DJ, and songwriter. DJ Paul began his career as a DJ in late 1980s and released several solo tapes. He has even released three collaborations albums with his late brother Lord Infamous. He later met Juicy J and the three founded a hip-hop group called “Three 6 Mafia.”

The group became famous in no time in the late 1990s and in early 2000. Their song “Smoke Clears” became a hit and ranked at position 6 on the Billboard Chart. The group became a commercial success with the release of two albums called “Da Unbreakables” in 2003 and “Most Known Unknown” in 2005. In the year 2006, DJ Paul, Juicy J, Frayser Boy and Crunchy Black won an Oscar award in the Best Original Song category for their song “Its Hard out Here for a Pimp.”

In the year 2006, the group faced some conflicts with Sony after which Juicy J and DJ Paul decided to pursue solo careers. DJ Paul released his first mixtape “The Weigh In” in the year 2009. After some months, he released a solo album “Scale-A-Ton” under his newly formed record company called Scale-A-Ton Entertainment. The album earned a lot of popularity and positive review.

In 2010, DJ Paul released a mixtape called “Too Kill Again.” The tape featured some of the famous artists like Lion Heart, Thug Therapy, Partee, and Miscellaneous. In the year 2011, he stared in VH1’s cook show titled “Famous food” that also starred seven other celebrities and eventually won the show, standing at the first place.

In the year 2012, DJ Paul released an album called “A Person of Interest.” In the year 2013, he mainly focused on performing as a DJ and formed a DJ duo which was called S.I.M (Sex is Mandatory”. The group made few live sets and also created remixes like Baauer’s “Higher” and Just Blaze. Later, his album titled “Master of Evil” was released in the year 2015.

What are the most profitable financial years of DJ Paul?

  1. Financial year (2013): $ 3 million
  2. Financial year (2014): $4.2 million
  3. Financial year (2015): $ 3.2 million
  4. Financial year (2016): $ 6 million
  5. Financial year (2017): $ 5 million

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