Do Zanab and Cole From Love is Blind Get Married? Theories

As a reality dating series that breaks every bound of the genre by placing a specific focus on emotional connections as well as compatibility at first, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is simply incredible. After all, intentions, vulnerability, and pure romance (instead of superficial things such as physical appearance or sexual attraction) are the foundation-laying aspects for every relationship here. So now that season 3 of this production has finally premiered on our screens following a 7-month wait, let’s dig into one of its most intriguing couples — Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett — shall we?

Zanab and Cole’s Love is Blind Journey

The moment then-26-year-old realtor Cole stepped foot into the pods, he honestly came across as not just cocky, conceited, and demanding but also surface-level in every sense of the phrase. He was immediately impressed by Colleen Reed being a “flexible” ballerina, immediately said no to a nurse since they’re “off the table” for him, and was quite picky with his other dates as well. However, it kind of shifted once he met 31-year-old flight attendant Zanab because the witty banter between them was essentially unwaveringly flawless — yet so was his banter with the dancer.

It thus took Zanab really opening up to Cole about her past as well as personal experiences to bring out his authentic, deep side, which proved he was ready to tie the knot and settle down. She acknowledged she lost both her parents while she was just a teen — her father at 13 and her mother at 18 — so her elder sister is her only blood family, with her faith being her grace. The fact Cole hails from a close-knit, God-loving family was hence a massive plus for her, and then he admitted the way she candidly communicated made him like her a lot more. It’s why he broke things off with Colleen once she said she’s not big into getting deep.

From their travel experiences to their family lives to his previous marriage (after two months of dating, only to end in divorce 4½ months later), Zanab and Cole subsequently covered everything. It was during this period they realized they not just made one another laugh but also shared similar beliefs, values, and intentions, making them fall head over heels — so he asked her to be his girlfriend. “She’s such a beautiful person,” Cole expressed in a confessional. “Like I actually, actually really believe it can work… I got all the feelings for her.” He thus got down on one knee to ask probably the most important question of all, and she, of course, said yes!

Do Zanab and Cole Get Married?

Zanab and Cole’s first face-to-face interaction honestly went exactly as you’d expect, with them being affectionate and romantically reiterating everything they had declared in the pods. Yet things changed shortly after they landed in Malibu for their romantic getaway; their emotional as well as physical attraction was still there, along with their comfort level and ease of conversation, but they fought. The latter’s quietness on the morning after their first night together and the former’s passive-aggressiveness were two of the most significant aspects that irritated the other.

Nevertheless, instead of simply walking away, Zanab and Cole eventually managed to calmly talk out their differences, leading to things getting back to normal, that is, until they met the rest of the cast. That’s because the realtor didn’t shy away from telling the camera he found Colleen (then engaged to Matt Bolton) extremely attractive, and she was the kind of girl he’d “normally” go for.

Then, Cole even told the guys, “there’s been a disconnect for me. There’s been a ‘holy crap; you’re not what I had pictured. This is different. I have to reconnect that person in the pods to the person who’s in my bedroom now.'” With that said, though, if both he and Zanab are actually able to consistently remember the reason they fell in love in the first place, all the while working through their differences in a calm manner, we don’t see why they won’t say “I do” at the altar. In other words, we believe they did ultimately tie the knot.

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