Where to Stream Doctor Sleep?

Perhaps the entertainment industry cannot go for a long time without adapting one of Stephen King’s works for movies or television shows. The author is so prolific in creating a sense of horror, while making the story entertaining and engrossing, that many of his best tales have landed up on the screen, for viewers to enjoy. ‘The Shining‘ is one such prolific example, that was made by the masterful Stanley Kubrick, although King did not end up agreeing with his interpretation of the movie. Nonetheless, it remains one of the finest horror films, and now we have the sequel, ‘Doctor Sleep’, which is based on the 2013 novel of the same name, exploring what happens after the 1977 novel.

‘Doctor Sleep’ borrows elements from both King’s novel and Kubrick’s film, with the director saying that the movie attempts to reconcile the two. Basically, the events of ‘Doctor Sleep’ picks up several decades after the events of ‘The Shining’. We see that Danny Torrance, the young boy from the first movie, is all grown up now. He still possesses his psychic abilities and is haunted by past trauma.

Any of King’s works always make for an interesting watch, even if they are not excellently executed. Moreover, this happens to be the sequel to one of his most acclaimed works, which was made into an equally astounding piece of cinema. Naturally, you must be wondering about where you can stream ‘Doctor Sleep’. We are here to tell you that, but first, let us walk you through the plot of the story.

What is Doctor Sleep About?

‘Doctor Sleep’ follows the story of Danny and his mother after they escape the Overlook Hotel, traumatized by what went on there. Danny is still plagued by the ghosts of the hotel but learns to contain them in imaginary boxes in his mind. In the meantime, we are introduced to a cult that feeds off something called “steam”, which is released, when people with the “Shining” ability die. As we already know, Danny has this ability, which allows him to interact and sense the dead. The cult remains immortal by feeding on this “steam”.

The plot moves forward as we see Danny trying to suppress his “Shining” by turning to alcoholism. However, he soon moves to a small town and goes by the name Dan. There, he meets Billy, who he befriends. Billy helps him get over his alcohol addiction. Meanwhile, Dan finds work at a hospital, where his ability makes him more communicative and understanding of dying patients, earning him the nickname, Doctor Sleep. This is when he starts receiving telepathic communications from Abra, a young girl, whose “Shining” is stronger than his.

The film finally moves to the current time when this cult of “steam” feeders is starving. They torture a boy named Bradley to extract the maximum “steam” from him. This distresses Abra, which is sensed by both Dan, and the cult leader, Rose. Rose plans on tracking and capturing Abra, to use her “steam” to sustain the cult. Though Abra reaches out to Dan, he is initially unwilling to help, suggesting that she should remain hidden. Rose tries to get Abra through supernatural means, but the latter fights her off, forcing the leader to escalate things by sending the rest of the cult after her.

Dan realizes he must help Abra, who can track the cult members by touching Bradley’s glove. Dan enlists Billy’s help to exhume the body and soon gets Abra’s father on their side as well. Dave, the father, comes in handy when they devise a plan to lure the cult members, shooting most of them dead. However, one of them can telepathically control minds and forces Dave to shoot himself. Ultimately, Rose’s lover kills Dave and abducts Abra. Dan manages to communicate with her telepathically, allowing her to escape. The scene of the battle now shifts back to the Overlook Hotel, with Dan believing that it will be as dangerous for Rose as it is for them.

Dan revisiting the hotel brings back memories, with some choice scenes that ‘The Shining’ fans will love. His presence seems to awaken the hotel. By that time, Rose arrives, more powerful by consuming the cult’s stockpile of “steam”. She overpowers Dan and begins to consume his “steam”. He instructs Abra to flee and releases the ghosts of Overlook Hotel from his mind. They kill Rose but possess Dan as well. Finally getting their hooks into the boy who got away, they lead Dan to his own death.

Towards the end of the movie, we see that Dan remains in touch with Abra through the astral plane that people with the “Shining” power can access. Abra’s mother also deals with her daughter’s power, often being allowed to communicate with her dead husband. However, we see that Abra is now tormented by the rotting woman from the Overlook Hotel, who earlier haunted Danny. ‘Doctor Sleep’ ends with Abra turning to face this ghost.

Is Doctor Sleep on Netflix?

Netflix is easily one of the best content providers, and though ‘Doctor Sleep’ is not on the platform, you can check out ‘In the Tall Grass‘, a recent Stephen King adaptation on the platform.

Is Doctor Sleep on Hulu?

Hulu is one of the best platforms to be a part of due to the exciting content they always put forth. ‘Doctor Sleep’ is not on the platform, but if you love Stephen King and his works then ‘Castle Rock‘ is the show for you.

Is Doctor Sleep on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is Netflix’s closest competitor and has a fantastic horror library to boot. While ‘Doctor Sleep’ is not on the platform, you can check out ‘Carrie‘, which is also based on one of King’s finest works.

Where Can I Stream Doctor Sleep Online?

Sorry, but right now, you cannot stream ‘Doctor Sleep’ online. You have to wait until it arrives on one of the major streaming platforms, which might take a while.

Is Doctor Sleep Out on DVD and BluRay?

‘Doctor Sleep’ is not out on DVD or BluRay yet, and no date for its tentative release has been announced. However, if you cannot wait that long, you can always preorder your copy here.

Can I Stream Doctor Sleep Online For Free?

Sorry freeloaders, but you cannot watch ‘Doctor Sleep’ for free right now. You have to wait till it arrives on a platform with free streaming. However, it is running in theaters if you want to catch it immediately. As usual, we urge our readers to pay for the art they consume.

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