Will There be a Doctor Sleep Sequel?

‘Doctor Sleep’ is the latest work of Stephen King which has made it to the theaters. It is based on his 2013 novel of the same name. The movie is a direct sequel to ‘The Shining‘, that is King’s 1977 book. However, it also takes elements from Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of King’s work, which drew the ire of the horror author, since he did not agree with the director’s adaptation. The little tiff between masters aside, the movie did immensely well, and ‘The Shining’ remains one of the best works of horror in film and literature. ‘Doctor Sleep’ boldly attempts to reconcile the book and the movie, while being a sequel to what the film shows.

We see Danny Torrance as a grown man, trying to cope with his powers of “Shining” while dealing with the trauma of what went down at the Overlook Hotel. This time, he has to put a young girl’s life first, as he protects Abra, someone whose “Shining” is more powerful than his. Abra is being tracked by a murderous cult of immortals, and Danny boldly leads them back to the Overlook Hotel for an epic showdown.

The movie has already been well received by fans, and Stephen King himself has liked it. Naturally, this gives us hope for a sequel, even though Warner Bros. Pictures will be looking at the box office collections before greenlighting another part. That being said, ‘Doctor Sleep 2’ would be heading into uncharted territory because King has not written any sequel to ‘Doctor Sleep’. Moreover, apart from the question of courage and creativity it would take to carry forth King’s tale, there is also the issue of legality. It remains to be seen if King allows his characters to appear in further installments of a possible franchise, whose stories might not follow the author’s vision.

However, if all this is okayed, then ‘Doctor Sleep 2’ is a definite possibility, and we are here to tell you all we know about the project.

Doctor Sleep 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘Doctor Sleep 2’ is likely to pick up the story from where King leaves it off. However, it will head into completely new territory since the author has not penned the future of the characters beyond this point. With that in mind, the story could go in a couple of directions, but we will definitely see more of Abra, who has established herself as a girl to watch out for. Her “Shining” is incredibly powerful and might be at the center of the next movie yet again.

Abra is seen confronting the ghost of the rotting lady from the Overlook Hotel at the end of ‘Doctor Sleep’, so the sequel might be about the girl putting the ghosts of the Overlook Hotel to rest, once and for all. It would be interesting to see if Danny remains a part of her life. As we know, despite dying, he can appear in the astral plane in front of her. She could communicate with Danny, who would show her the ropes about how to use her powers.

While their relationship would definitely drive forward the plot of a sequel, we have to keep in mind that there would have to be antagonists, to pose a challenge in the film. Much like the cult of the first movie, the sequel could introduce other powerful characters, each having their own unique abilities. They might be borrowed from King’s universe, with the author’s blessing, or they could be created by those behind ‘Doctor Sleep 2’. Either way, it will be interesting to see Abra face a new challenge, now that she has learned to control her “Shining” a little better.

As it is evident, there are several avenues that a possible sequel could explore, and we have to see which one the people attached to the project decide to go with.

Doctor Sleep 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

Kyliegh Curran will be sure to reprise her role as Abra Stone in ‘Doctor Sleep 2’ when the movie takes place. Ewan McGregor is also likely to be back as Danny Torrance since the actor is the most bankable face for the project. There is a chance that Rebecca Ferguson might be back to play Rose the Hat, the murderous cult leader. Although she dies in ‘Doctor Sleep’, very few people actually stay dead in King’s universe. She just might return as a ghost, threatening to torment Abra in new ways, determined to get her vengeance.

Doctor Sleep 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

Mike Flanagan is the man who directed ‘Doctor Sleep’ and the screenplay also comes from him. This puts him in a unique position to return for ‘Doctor Sleep 2’, not just to helm it, but to continue the story as well. If ‘Doctor Sleep’ performs well at the box office, Warner Bros. Pictures will be looking to make good money on their investment by involving themselves in the sequel as well.

Apart from that, the producers and the production company backing the project could be different, based on whether the same companies want to remain involved. However, seeing the potential success that ‘Doctor Sleep’ has on hand, there is little doubt that several parties will be interested in making a sequel.

Doctor Sleep 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘Doctor Sleep’ took two years to hit the screens ever since the director came on board. If a project is immediately greenlit, this leads us to believe that it would still be late 2021 before we can actually see ‘Doctor Sleep 2’. However, there is a caveat regarding the sequel. People involved in the project have to come up with their own story, or bring King on for his expertise and make a story.

Given the time that the story could take to develop, a much more realistic expected release schedule would be in 2022 or 2023.

Doctor Sleep 2 Trailer:

‘Doctor Sleep 2’ does not have a trailer, but you can check out the trailer for ‘Doctor Sleep’ below to get an idea of where the sequel could be headed.

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