When Will Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 2 Premiere?

If a new decade and a new year are not enough for you to celebrate, team TARDIS is back to take you on another adventurous ride with Doctor Who. One of the most loved shows of all time is back with the all-new season of 10 episodes. It was exactly a year back when the BBC released the final episode of Season 11 where Doctor Who takes on Daleks. 

Those who have already watched Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 1 must be curious about why was the show named “Spyfall.”. The name pretty much seems inspired by the James Bond movie Skyfall. Well, the only reason we could think of is because the first two episodes (Spyfall Part 1 & Part 2) revolve around British spies.

Doctor Who Season 12 has started on a strong note. There are still nine episodes to unfold and we can’t wait for more. Now, let me take you through where and how can you watch Doctor Who Season 12 episode 2.

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

When episode 1 ends in a cliffhanger, it certainly has us all excited about the next episode.  Well, those who are eagerly waiting for the new episode won’t have to wait too long. Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 2 will release on January 5, 2020 at 8/7c. That means by Sunday you will know the conclusion of the two-parter story. Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 2 will air on BBC America.

Where to Watch Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 2 Online?

All the episodes of Doctor Who Season 12 will be televised on BBC America at definite hours. Those who don’t have a cable subscription and are looking forward to streaming it online can do so via BBC iplayer app, which even allows you to watch the live streaming of the show. You can also stream new episodes of Doctor Who Season 12 on Fubo TV, Philo TVAmazon Prime and YouTube

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 1 Recap:

Spyfall Part 1 has all the elements that make it interesting. You will see car chasing sequences, crashing planes and an end with a cliffhanger. This first episode deals with the situation where a number of spies are invaded by alien forces and then M16 assembles the team TARDIS to investigate the rise of alien intrusions on Earth. However, it seems the menaces are not far from The Doctor’s home.

On the other hand, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham traveling with Time Lord spell some suspicion because it is difficult to manifest how long they are with lords. When the trio prepares to join The Doctor, mysterious men in black kidnap them. However, towards the end of the episode, when The Doctor somehow manages to save her team, it is revealed that those men were sent by MI6.

The spy setting is clearly intriguing and has us all excited for the next episode.