Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 3: Release Date and Streaming Details

‘Doctor Who’ is not just any regular television series, but a British pop culture phenomenon. The science fiction series was extremely successfully when it originally started airing in 1963 and was rebooted into 2005.

The series revolves around a humanoid, extra-terrestrial being known as “the Doctor” who is a Time Lord. He goes on multiple adventures to distant places in other universes and/or different eras in a time machine known as “the TARDIS” which looks like a British police box.

Currently, Jodie Whittaker plays the Doctor and is the first ever female to essay the protagonist’s role. The character of the Doctor has been essayed by multiple actors in the past and the replacements are written into the show’s plot.

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 3 Release Date: When Does It Premiere?

The third episode of the twelfth season of ‘Doctor Who’ will be premiered on January 12, 2020 at 8/7c on BBC America. The episode is titled ‘Orphan 55’ and returns a week after the second episode of the season had been aired. The show follows a weekly format with a new episode set to be aired every Sunday. However, the second season of the episode had been released just 4 days after the first post which the series follows a weekly release schedule.

Where to Stream Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 3 Online?

You can watch the third episode of the twelfth season of ‘Doctor Who’ by tuning into BBC America on the time slot mentioned above. You can also watch the show live through the BBC America website or app with your cable subscription login. Moreover, a Hulu With Live TV subscription or one with Fubo TV  would also allow you to watch BBC America live.

The show’s previous eleven seasons are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video but it will soon be leaving that platform when HBO Max gets launched later this year.

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 3 Promo:

You can watch the promo for the third episode of the twelfth season of ‘Doctor Who’ below. The episode revolves around Jodie and her team going for a vacation to the Tranquility Spa in another dimension. However, they soon discover that the place is filled with secrets and is being attacked by mysterious monsters.

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 2 Recap:

The second episode of the twelfth season of ‘Doctor Who’ was titled ‘Spyfall Part II’ and as you can guess, was a continuation of the narrative of the season’s first episode. The first part had ended with TARDIS plummeting out of the atmosphere in half a plane. It starts off with Ryan receiving a cryptic message from the Doctor and hacking into plane’s system.

Soon, the Doctor’s three companions find themselves on the run from the villain Barton who was saved thanks to the new Master’s advice. The companions are forced to not use their devices as Barton can track their online movements. On the run, they come face-to-face with the Kasavin alien army but manage to fend off the attack.

The team soon discovers that Barton has killed his mother when they go to a suspected location. However, Barton soon takes a backseat to the newly introduced Master.

On the other hand, the Doctor manages to escape from the Kasavin dimension and gets into an intense battle with the Master. Their fight takes place across multiple dimensions till the Doctor defeats the Master by stealing his TARDIS from under his nose.