Doctor Who Season 13: Everything We Know

‘Doctor Who’, BBC’s beloved science-fiction drama, has been on air since 1963. It revolves around the titular Time Lord who looks human but is, in reality, an extraterrestrial being, who travels in a time-traveling space ship called the TARDIS. Doctor Who and the crew travel the galaxy, solving numerous problems and facing innumerable foes. The show, which has featured 13 stars to date, playing the titular character, originally aired from 1963 to 1989. It was then relaunched in 2005 and the revived version has spawned 12 seasons to date. Well, let us now check out the details of its 13th edition.

Doctor Who Season 13 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘Doctor Who’ season 12 premiered on January 1, 2020, on BBC. It wrapped up with its 10th episode on March 1, 2020. In the US, the series is available on BBC America. In November 2019, even before season 12 hit tv screens, BBC announced that the show had been renewed for its 13th iteration. Filming on the new season commenced in November 2020 and is scheduled to wrap up after 10 months (might be sometime in around August or September 2021). If things fall in place thereafter, we can expect ‘Doctor Who’ season 13 to premiere sometime in early 2022. 

Doctor Who Season 13 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Jodie Whittaker, who plays the 13th Doctor Who in the series will make a comeback in season 13. She said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I’m doing another season. That might be a massive exclusive that I’m not supposed to say, but it’s unhelpful for me to say [I don’t know] because it would be a massive lie! At some point, these shoes are going to be handed on, but it’s not yet. I’m clinging on tight!”

However, Graham (played by Bradley Walsh) and Ryan (essayed by Tosin Cole) will not be seen in season 13. They bid their farewells in the festive special called, ‘Revolution of the Daleks’, which airs on January 1, 2021. One of the main returning characters is Yaz, played by Mandeep Gill. Sacha Dhawan, who stars as Master might also make a comeback in the next season. Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy, is keen on returning for future episodes as well.

Doctor Who Season 13 Plot: What Can it be About?

With filming still in the process, it is difficult to speculate the future storylines of ‘Doctor Who’. We do know that the Doctor will have to engage in a face-off with the Daleks. However, she is now imprisoned in a high-security alien prison. Therefore, she needs to escape before the encounter. Luckily for her and her companions, John Barrowman is back as Captain Jack Harkness to help them out.

On the other hand, season 13 might reintroduce some additional plot arcs like The Timeless Child and The Lone Cyberman. The Timeless Child theory is extremely vital since it is expected to shed light on the Doctor’s true origin and the nature of The Division organization. As per the teasers thrown around by the creative team behind ‘Doctor Who’, season 13 is going to be crazy, exciting, hilarious, and scary. The TARDIS will land in several new locations and the Doctor will embark on a bunch of new adventures — that involve saving the world and its people.

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