When Will Doctor Who S13 Release?

One of the best-known shows in pop culture, ‘Doctor Who’ has a cult following of its own. It is the most impactful series in British television and has inspired generations over the years. In its tenth season, the series met a radical change when the mantle of the Doctor was taken over by a woman. Jodie Whittaker has made her home in the TARDIS for two seasons. Now, the question is whether she will get a chance to return for another run? When will ‘Doctor Who’ season 13 release? Let’s find out.

Doctor Who Season 13 Release Date

‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 started airing on BBC One on January 1, 2020, and concluded on March 1, 2020. The ten-episode series is the second foray of Jodie Whittaker as the Time Lord. The series got mixed reviews and also received a hit in the ratings, which were reported to have decreased with every episode. But this did not deter the creators from continuing with the already set arc for the Thirteenth Doctor.

While the show hasn’t officially been renewed for another season, showrunner Chris Chibnall has confirmed that the finale of the 12th season set the stage for the events that are to take place in the 13th. He said, “I do know I’m coming back for a third season. We are already planning the stories. Once you see the end of this series, you’ll realize there are some stories we’re already setting in train for next series. We have very big, ambitious plans for our third series together.”

Regarding the suspicions on the axing of the series, executive producer Piers Wenger said that he had “worked on Doctor Who myself and produced it for many years and I can honestly say I don’t think it’s been in better health editorially. The production values have never been better. It’s an incredibly important show for young audiences, it’s still watched by families in a world where there are fewer shows that have the power to do that. It will always be an important show for us and we’re a very long way from wanting to rest it.”

A special following the 12th season has already been announced. While the date is not confirmed yet, we can expect it to air sometime by the end of 2020. As for the next season, ‘Doctor Who’ Season 13 is expected to release sometime in January 2021. In another great news for the fans, as a part of its deal with BBC One, HBO Max had declared to stream the entire series in the US. All the 12 seasons, including “two more” were said to be a part of the plan. This means that not only will we have a 13th season, but there is also a good chance of a 14th.

Doctor Who Season 13 Cast: Who can be in it?

Considering the pattern of the Doctors, which had each actor, apart from Christopher Eccleston, playing it for three seasons, the same was expected of Whittaker. She confirmed that before passing on the role to another person, she will return for at least one more season. For now, there is no confirmation on who else will return for Season 13, but Chibnall said that there would be “a lot of new faces, a few old faces.” The previous season, too, had seen a number of guest appearances, and the same might hold true for the next one as well.

Doctor Who Season 13 Plot: What can it be about?

Season 12 of ‘Doctor Who’ has a different approach to its storytelling as compared to the previous one. The narrative is more cohesive regarding the endgame and everything leads to the final showdown in the finale. While the special will shed more light on what happens after the events of ‘The Timeless Children’, we expect the series to build further on this. It is a new and rather shocking development for the Doctor’s arc. The team has been tight-lipped about the plot, but we expect the show to add further to the mythology of the Timeless Children and their connection with Time Lords. If it is to be the final series of Whittaker as the Doctor, Season 13 will also focus on setting the stage for the next Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 13 Trailer

The trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 13 is not available yet. You can catch all the seasons of the show on BBC iPlayer. Enjoy the trailer for Season 12 here:

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