Dogs Season 3: Everything We Know

Created by Sci-fi author Glen Zipper, Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ centers upon the best friends of humans – dogs – and the deep emotional bonds defining their relationship with their human caretakers. It is a docuseries that celebrates human-to-dog interactions running deep and the moving stories behind each one of them. Similar to the first season, the second season is a treat to dog lovers who have most definitely binge-watched it the moment it landed on the network. For such fans who are now anticipating the show’s return, here’s everything we know about ‘Dogs’ season 3!

Dogs Season 3 Release Date

‘Dogs’ season 2 released in its entirety on July 7, 2021, on Netflix. The second season has 4 intimate and heartwarming episodes with a runtime of 44-54 minutes each. Every installment is rooted in a different background ranging from the armed forces to the holy confines of the priesthood. But all of these setups have one thing in common: the presence of a dog that inspires hope and humanity in the (sometimes bleak) lives of humans.

With regards to season 3, here’s what we know. After the second season dropped on the network, Netflix has not disclosed any updates about its future. But over its short span of ten episodes in total, the show has only received positive feedback from dog lovers worldwide. Glen Zipper, the creator and executive producer of ‘Dogs,’ was serenaded with showers of appreciation from fans on Twitter after the first edition dropped in 2018.

Nearly three years later, he released another season to keep the spirit and love for dogs alive. Zipper also stated that the pandemic caused a dip in the percentage of animal adoption. People have reportedly become too paranoid about keeping a four-legged creature inside their houses because of the presumed risks involved in being directly in contact with them. Through the second season of ‘Dogs,’ Zipper tried to encourage people to adopt animals that need urgent care and attention.

Zipper also wanted to alleviate feelings of loneliness or sadness that people have commonly experienced during the lockdown phase. He stated, “We were so eager and anxious to get the stories out to the world because it’s that salve that we’re all looking for — we all want to have these happy and joyful stories now.” Although things are relatively better now, some people understandably still feel bogged down by the after-effects of the pandemic, also known as post-lockdown/COVID depression. It seems as if the world needs more of Zipper and his ability to reach out to people through his work.

Taking that into consideration, Zipper might decide to extend the show to at least another season. In case he does that, we might hear news about its renewal status in the coming months. Once season 3 is confirmed, filming would undoubtedly take up a few months because each episode of the hour-long ‘Dogs’ is like making a feature film, as stated by the show’s creator. So it is only fair if we expect ‘Dogs’ season 3 to release sometime in 2022.

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