Don Johnson Net Worth

How much is Don Johnson worth? $40 million

How did Don Johnson earn his money and wealth?

Don Johnson was born to Nell and Fred Johnson on December 15, 1949, in Flat Creek, Missouri. At the age of 6, he moved to Wichita, Kansas with his family, where he later did his graduation. He actively participated in his school theatre which motivated him to choose acting as a career. Later he moved on to study drama at The American Conservatory. He got his first major role as Smitty in “Fortune and Men’s eyes” (1969), which brought him fame and recognition throughout the industry. His splendid work bagged him few roles in upcoming years before awarding him a role in the successful TV serial “Miami Vice” (1984). His role as Det. Sonny in the series was highly acclaimed and the serial got listed in the “Top 50 TV Serials of All Time”.

Don’s much liked persona of a cop in “Miami Vice” was again seen on the screen in a Police drama, “Nash Bridges”(1996). Nash Bridges was produced and created by Johnson himself. Running 122 episodes, this show was a big hit back then. He even bagged a Golden Globe award for the “Best Performance by a Male Actor in a TV series” in 1986 for Miami Vice. Having proved his excellence in TV with his brilliant acting and gifted with a sharp look and heavy voice, he became a household name in the 2000s. In 2005, he starred in “Just Legal” as a satiated lawyer. He then went on to act in “Guys and Dolls” as Nathan Detroit.

He also has a number of voice-overs in his bag, some of which being” Swan Lake”(1978) and “Alladin and the wonderful lamp” (1982). He has even hosted WWE’s RAW in 2010, after which he again returned to TV and played a number of cameos in “Glenn Martin” (2010), as Grandpa Whitey, “Eastbound and Down”(2012), as Eduardo Sanchez Powers, ”Blood and oil”(2015), as Hap Briggs, “Sick Note”(2017), as Kenny West and the latest being “LA to Vegas”(2018).

In 1993, he starred in a courtroom drama by Sidney Lumet, “Guilty as Sin”(1993) as David Greenhill. In 2012, he even appeared in American Revisionist film, ‘Django Unchained’ as a wealthy plantation owner, Spencer (Big Daddy).

He has a very celebrated career as a singer and musician. In 1986, Epic Records released his “Heartbeat” which reached #5 on Billboard top 200, which was followed by “Till I Loved You”(1988) which peaked at #25. His 1986 single “Heartache Away” was again a hit a #56. His Single, “The Essential”(1997) mesmerized people with his rock-solid and steady voice.

What are the highest grossing films of Don Johnson?

  1. Django Unchained(2012)- $425.4 million
  2. Guilty as Sin (1993)- $23 million

What are the top music albums of Don Johnson?

  1. Heartbeat (1986)
  2. Till I Loved You (1988)
  3. Heartache away (1986)
  4. Let it roll (1989)
  5. The Essential (1997)

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