Preview: Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8

‘Doom Patrol’ season 2 is finally nearing the end of its short but eventful run. Next week, we will have the penultimate episode. And we bet, things cannot get any crazier! For starters, we need answers to what will become of the Candlemaker. Will there be a big showdown in the end? And is the Candlemaker the primary antagonist? Well, we still have only two more episodes to go, and hence, we expect the story to close off the major storylines in the next parts. Well, for some more insights into the upcoming part, read on!

Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date:

‘Doom Patrol’ season 2 episode 8 will release on July 30, 2020, at 6 am ET on both HBO Max and DC Universe. The eighth episode is titled ‘Dad Patrol’.

Where to Stream Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 8 Online?

‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Episode 8 will be available to stream on both DC Universe and HBO Max, after its premiere on July 30, 2020. All the 15 episodes of ‘Doom Patrol’ season 1 are already streaming on HBO Max. Season 1 is additionally available for rent on Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch a couple of the previously released episodes on Rooster Teeth and DC’s YouTube Channel. Keep a check on these two platforms as they might add new episodes as well!

Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In the 7th episode, called ‘Dumb Patrol’, we find out that after being pushed off into space by Niles, Cliff crashes on the side of the road. Niles has another mission to complete. He travels to the Northern Yukon Territory in order to locate Dorothy’s mother. After reaching his destination, he has a horrible nightmare. In his dream, he meets the Candlemaker who tells him that Dorothy belongs to him.

Meanwhile, Vic takes Roni to Doom Manor. This is where she also meets Rita and Miranda. Miranda is currently the primary personality of Jane. In preparation for her role in a local theater production, Rita visits a beekeeper in Cloverton. Larry accompanies Miranda to the hospital after learning that his grandson has been wounded in an accident. Unknown to him, the Bureau of Normalcy is already there to arrest him. But Miranda saves him in the nick of time by teleporting both of them to another location.

On the other hand, a mysterious package arrives at the Manor. Larry, Vic, and Roni inhale its smell and start acting like morons. Kipling inspects the cause of their uncontrollable behavior and explains to them that they are infected with Scants. All five are sucked into the White Space and some face to face with the Scant Queen, who has kidnapped them. But she is no match for Miranda who easily defeats her. Cliff eventually returns to Doom Manor and finds a pregnant Clara there waiting for him. Jane makes a discovery and finds out that the train station in the Underground is closed. Kipling meets up with Niles in Yokun to converse about Dorothy.

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