Dorohedoro: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

Most anime shows are appealing to people because of how weird yet imaginative they are. If you’re an experienced anime viewer, you’ve probably had your fair share of creepy anime like ‘Arakawa Under the Bridge‘ and even ‘Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt‘. But ‘Dorohedoro’ takes things to a whole new level and leads you to a trippy world of extreme violence and dark humor. So far, its manga has done incredibly well and it is widely appreciated by almost all Otakus who are into twisty stories and gritty artwork.

Now that ‘Dorohedoro’, the anime, has been announced, we can only wonder if it will be at par with its source or not. From its surprisingly promising trailer, it seems like the anime will have more of a vintage animation style. As of now, it seems like it does have the potential to tread the same path as its manga. So with a cautiously optimistic attitude, let’s explore what we know about it.

Dorohedoro Release Date: When will it premiere?

Adapted from Hayashinda’s Manga that goes by the same name, ‘Dorohedoro’ is an upcoming cult horror/sci-fi/seinen anime which is animated by MAPPA Studio. It was recently announced that it will premiere on January 13, 2020. As of now, we don’t have enough details regarding its runtime but based on what we know about its manga, ‘Dorohedoro’ will certainly be a full-fledged TV series and not an anime movie. The manga has a total of 23 volumes so far and considering this, we can safely predict that it will probably tread the 24-episode 2-cour path that most shows take these days. As soon as we get any other confirmed details regarding its release, we will update it here. So don’t forget to bookmark.

Dorohedoro English Dub:

So far, no announcements have been made regarding its English dub, but it will be available on Netflix with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Dorohedoro Plot:

Set in a district that is so dark and grim that it has been labeled as “The Hole”, ‘Dorohedoro’ portrays a whole different realm that is far away from the ethics of the real world. Over the years, this bleak stretch of land has become a testing ground for the elite magic users who hold the others in the lowest regards and treat them as peasants. While these powerful magicians misuse their abilities and test their magic out in the open, the poor crumble under their barbarous rule and helplessly die in the congested confinements of hospitals.

Out of all the non-magic users, Kaiman is a man with a reptile head who hunts down these magicians with his pair of bayonets and his only edge over everyone else is that he is immune to magic. He absolutely despises his life because of how he looks and all of his hope rests on the magic users who may be able to restore his normal human form. He also has an endless appetite but his beloved friend, Nikaidou, who owns a restaurant, helps him fulfill his gluttonous desires.

In a world where all hope is seemingly lost, ‘Dorohedoro’ brings in some lightheartedness with its dark yet hilarious jokes on existentialism and along with that, it also plunges deep into disturbing themes that revolve around death.

Dorohedoro Characters:


Kaiman is the main character of the series who, after a magic attack, was left with the head of a reptile with no memories of his past. His only motive in life is to find the magician who made him the reptile that he is today and to get his curse removed. So every time he comes across a magic-user, he swallows him or her so that the magician can hear the little voice in the back of his head. This voice basically tells them if they cursed him or not. He then spits them out to ask them what they heard. While his face looks really intimidating, even his body is pretty muscular compared to most normal humans. He has sharp spikes on his head and his eyes have really small black irises. Just like a real-life Caiman lizard, he can actually regenerate his head when it is chopped off.

For the most part, Kaiman comes off as an arrogant self-centered man who cares about nothing but his own well-being. Since he has no memories of his past, he has no clue if he had any friends or family before he was cursed. But despite being very offensive towards magicians, he is really kind and caring when it comes to his one friend—Nikaido. He can’t stand the sight of magic users and immediately kills them on the spot after investigating if they cursed him or not. He shows no mercy towards the so-called “elite” beings. He might be a badass when he’s out there slaughtering all magicians but deep inside, he is extremely is disturbed and is constantly haunted by his own insecurities and his looming fear of death. He also has a very short attention span and easily gets distracted by the smallest of things.

Dorohedoro Trailer:

Check out the just released exciting trailer of the show:

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