Preview: Dorohedoro E12

‘Dorohedoro’ is not just one of the best anime of the season, but it is also easily one of my favorites now. It is absolute chaos and at the same time, all of its random plot points have been put together in the best possible way. There are times when it’s absolutely tragic and then there are other times when you can’t help but laugh at its intentional silliness. Just when I started believing that this season could not get better, the 11th episode again proved me wrong.

If you’re looking for a wholesome anime that has an incredibly vast world-building, this is one anime you shouldn’t miss out on. And, of course, if you’re already watching it, I’m sure you’re already looking forward to this season’s finale. Well, to make sure that you don’t miss out on its last episode, read on to know everything about its release date and streaming availability.

When is Dorohedoro Episode 12 Release Date?

Produced by MAPPA Studio, ‘Dorohedoro’ premiered on January 13, 2020 and assuming that its first season will have a total of 12 episodes, we can expect it to end by April 2020. ”Dorohedoro’ episode 12 is scheduled to release on March 29, 2020.

Where to Watch Dorohedoro Episode 12 English Dub Online?

As of now, ‘Dorohedoro’ is only available on Netflix Japan, but it will be available globally later this year.

Dorohedoro Episode 11 Recap

While Nikaido becomes En’s slave, Shin decides to spare Kasukabe and his friends because they had once saved his life. En recalls his own story and tells everyone how he became who he is today. On the day he was born, he had no control over his magic and that’s how he ended up turning his own family into mushrooms. For days, he simply cried and only fed on the mushrooms around him. He was then picked up by an unknown man and sent to an illegal magician trafficking factory where smoke is sucked right out of abducted magicians and then sold outside. After his smoke was completely exhausted, he was thrown into a river.

After dying, he ended up in hell and his hunger for revenge was so strong that he did not burn in the hellfires, and instead, turned everything into mushrooms and survived. Soon, even the devils noticed him there and set him free in the world of magicians. His life was great until a headless man took the city by storm and started chopping off the heads of several other magicians. He even sent Shin and Noi to capture this man and kill him, but they, too, failed to do so. In the end, he only had to use his magic to destroy this man. He explains how this led to the “Death Shroom Incident”.  But even after he turned an entire city into mushrooms, the headless man did not die.

This is the reason why he needs Nakiado’s help. Since she is the magician who can control time, he wants her to use her magic to take him back in the past so that he can find who the headless man was. And I’m pretty sure that this has something to do with the cross-eyed man who appears inside Caiman’s mouth. Maybe, just maybe, Risu is the headless man who went around cutting off the heads of magicians. As of now, we’ll just have to wait for another week to find out.

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