Preview: Double Shot at Love Season 2 Episode 17

‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?’ — the second outing of ‘Double Shot at Love’ aired its 16th episode this Thursday. And sadly, we have come to the end of another dramatic run of this reality drama. The finale does cover several unsolved storylines. Pauly and Nikki decide about their future while Vinny and Maria rekindle their relationship. Derynn thinks about whether she will stay back in Las Vegas with Ricky. We will come to the episode’s detailed breakdown later. But before going there, you should know that the show is still left to air its reunion episodes! And there is everything we know about the first part of the reunions.

Double Shot at Love Season 2 Episode 17 Release Date

‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 2 Episode 17 will premiere on October 1, 2020, at 8 pm ET on MTV. The 17th episode serves as the first part of the two-episode reunion specials. The 2nd season will wrap up with its 18th episode (‘Reunion Part 2) on October 8, 2020.

Where to Stream Double Shot at Love Season 2 Episode 17 Online?

‘Double Shot at Love’ airs on MTV. It will release new episodes at the above time slot every Thursday night. So tune in to the channel each week at 8 pm ET and catch the latest episodes on tv. All you will need is an active cable connection. Otherwise, with a cable subscriber id, you can also head to MTV’s official site and catch the season online. You have the option to live-stream ‘Double Shot at Love’ without cable as well. Some of the popular live-streaming, cable-free platforms for cord-cutters are DirecTV, Fubo TVPhilo TV, and Sling TV. Otherwise, episodes are also available for rent on Amazon Prime Video.

Double Shot at Love Season 2 Episode 16 Recap

The finale sees all of the cast members spending their last day in Las Vegas. They are emotional about saying their goodbyes. But Derynn Paige decides to stay back. Over the season, she had developed a strong bond with Ricky Rogers, who works with Vinny Guadagnino. In the pre-finale, the pair makes their relationship official when Ricky asks Derynn to be his girlfriend. She says yes and when Ricky asks her to stay back in Vegas, she decides to wait and think about it.

As for Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo, they reach a mutual decision — they won’t give a name to their relationship. But they also state that they want to see what the future holds for them in the coming months. Vinny is happy about finding a girl who is weird just like him. The couple agrees that meeting each other won’t be an issue since Maria stays just 20 minutes away from Vinny’s place. Nikki Hall and Pauly D conclude that they won’t name their relationship as well. Pauly decides to leave the house single but he confirms that he wishes to test his connection with Nikki in the future. The two leave the house with a hug and kiss.

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